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-5 X
+6 TS

98% | 1662 X | 1540 TS

-5 X
+4 TS

91% | 1512 X | 1472 TS

+24 X
+9 TS

65% | 1207 X | 1406 TS

+15 X
+4 TS

63% | 1182 X | 1409 TS

+45 X
+3 TS

51% | 1147 X | 1309 TS

-31 X
-8 TS

97% | 1646 X | 1550 TS

-22 X
-3 TS

90% | 1448 X | 1487 TS

-26 X
-4 TS

84% | 1396 X | 1461 TS

-8 X
-5 TS

76% | 1218 X | 1493 TS

+23 X
-6 TS

55% | 1152 X | 1353 TS

Chat log

00:00:09zebbelito haha herre now u going for 9
00:00:09zebbelito :D
00:00:10MariahCarry gunz
00:00:14svents oh my thd:D
00:00:14MariahCarry the 4 of us are on lan
00:00:14jrNy loose?
00:00:15MariahCarry :D
00:00:15jrNy -clear
00:00:19zebbelito y
00:00:19svents herre ill help u to win :)
00:00:19jrNy -.-
00:00:19zebbelito ill ursa
00:00:19jrNy kk
00:00:19Herre thank you.
00:00:19GunzComeOut bat
00:00:19jrNy ill necro?
00:00:19zebbelito one way of winning
00:00:19Herre I will go jakiro
00:00:19jrNy -bs
00:00:19svents my jakiro!
00:00:19zebbelito sk > jakiro hero
00:00:19zebbelito here
00:00:19GunzComeOut hater
00:00:29GunzComeOut oh wtf
00:00:31GunzComeOut u were fp
00:00:32jrNy get pugna
00:00:34jrNy ^^
00:00:34GunzComeOut wh'd i ban fitrs
00:00:36GunzComeOut lol
00:00:37Herre get me jakiro
00:00:38jrNy :D
00:00:39Herre xxxxxD
00:00:39jrNy lovely
00:00:42Herre jakiro to me
00:00:44Herre get it
00:00:45jrNy we need pugna
00:00:46jrNy -clear
00:00:47svents my jakiro i said first!!
00:00:53jrNy HATER
00:00:54jrNy :D
00:01:02zebbelito i go ursa
00:01:03Herre get me jakiro
00:01:05Herre I get u ursa
00:01:06MariahCarry thd
00:01:08Herre omfg..........
00:01:09svents get me jakiro
00:01:09zebbelito oj
00:01:11zebbelito sorry
00:01:11Herre ........
00:01:12zebbelito tryckte
00:01:12Herre ........
00:01:18zebbelito dem pickar inte den skitheron
00:01:19zebbelito :D
00:01:20jrNy get pugna
00:01:21Herre sade det många gånger
00:01:21jrNy jezuz
00:01:25jrNy im out of this game
00:01:27zebbelito dem pickar inte dne skiten
00:01:28jrNy if we dont get pugna
00:01:29zebbelito vettu
00:01:36Herre hoppas så
00:01:37Herre ohh
00:01:38Herre OMFG
00:01:41zebbelito im woods
00:01:42svents :D:D:
00:01:44zebbelito semi
00:01:46Herre now swap it
00:01:47Herre srsly
00:01:48jrNy herre
00:01:48Herre SWAP IT
00:01:49jrNy pugna
00:01:52svents no!!!
00:01:55svents u can pugna
00:02:00Cr4ne -swap 4
00:02:01Herre no .
00:02:03jrNy bah
00:02:04jrNy epic
00:02:05jrNy disable
00:02:06zebbelito lol svents
00:02:07Herre I said it
00:02:07jrNy u got there
00:02:07Palle -swap 5
00:02:07svents i am bad with pgna
00:02:08Herre first
00:02:08zebbelito wtf
00:02:09jrNy -clear
00:02:09MariahCarry me + rhasta lane
00:02:10MariahCarry imo
00:02:10Herre you h
00:02:11svents give me pugna then
00:02:12GunzComeOut u got
00:02:15GunzComeOut Exactly 0
00:02:15svents i said
00:02:16GunzComeOut lol
00:02:16Herre THE ONLY HERO i wanted
00:02:18svents go read
00:02:18Herre was jakiro
00:02:21Herre _tHEON_LY
00:02:24svents go read i said first
00:02:27Herre ...
00:02:29svents i said my thd
00:02:33jrNy zebbe
00:02:34jrNy this game
00:02:36Herre I cant believe why wont you let me play it
00:02:37jrNy count on us
00:02:40Herre when I finally get it
00:02:40svents -swap 4
00:02:41zebbelito ok
00:02:42Herre -swap 5
00:02:43jrNy mass -x
00:02:43jrNy again
00:02:44Herre thank you sir
00:02:45zebbelito -ggn
00:02:45Herre <3
00:02:46jrNy :/
00:02:47zebbelito -hhn
00:02:49jrNy -ii
00:02:51jrNy -clear
00:02:54GunzComeOut losing in 20 mins
00:02:55GunzComeOut does that
00:02:57GunzComeOut it seems :)
00:02:59jrNy yup
00:03:01GunzComeOut mariah roaming?
00:03:04jrNy gonna be a sad game
00:03:04MariahCarry yea
00:03:07Herre share it
00:03:11zebbelito why?
00:03:12zebbelito jrny
00:03:16MariahCarry manta done
00:03:16jrNy 4 stackers
00:03:17svents if i fail and u gonna whine then its herre's fault
00:03:18jrNy i know them
00:03:18MariahCarry 14 seconds
00:03:20jrNy my freinds
00:03:24Herre share
00:03:25svents cause i said first jakiro
00:03:39zebbelito CARE MID
00:04:04Herre xDDD
00:04:19svents gj anyway :D
00:04:27Lowbob feeling the hate herre?
00:04:44MariahCarry -ms
00:04:48zebbelito care
00:04:54zebbelito rhasta
00:05:04zebbelito re
00:05:41svents herre u have said that i suck with pugna and now i have to play it -.-
00:05:49Herre XXXXd
00:05:56Herre sounds like funzies to me
00:06:01svents ?:D
00:06:04jrNy ss
00:06:11GunzComeOut go him
00:06:15zebbelito take chick afdrer mne
00:06:17zebbelito after
00:06:23Jonnija WTF
00:06:31Jonnija that
00:06:31Jonnija tree
00:06:52jrNy stil ss
00:07:01Herre Xd
00:07:03Herre omf
00:07:07Jonnija ss
00:07:11Jonnija care
00:07:12Jonnija ursa
00:07:15zebbelito y
00:07:16zebbelito noticed
00:07:31zebbelito ill tp bot we kill
00:07:55jrNy ss
00:07:56GunzComeOut go ganbk
00:07:57GunzComeOut mariah
00:07:57GunzComeOut wtf
00:08:02jrNy re
00:08:03zebbelito rhastra go
00:08:57MariahCarry omw mid
00:08:59jrNy ss
00:09:06svents gj
00:09:09jrNy omw
00:09:11jrNy to bot
00:09:11jrNy lane
00:09:12jrNy care
00:09:13jrNy puck
00:09:13jrNy ss
00:09:14jrNy still
00:09:16jrNy re
00:09:17jrNy mid
00:09:23svents gj
00:09:28Herre im b
00:09:49GunzComeOut sleep more
00:10:09svents ss sk
00:10:39Herre pro
00:11:13jrNy otw
00:11:17GunzComeOut qop ss
00:11:18GunzComeOut care top
00:11:20Herre go top
00:11:34zebbelito lol missclicked
00:11:36zebbelito lvl 6
00:11:42Herre blah.
00:12:21Herre terrible lag
00:12:31jrNy zebbe
00:12:32jrNy hows farm?
00:12:34zebbelito ok
00:12:36Jonnija free
00:12:37Jonnija :D
00:12:38zebbelito but i missclicked
00:12:43zebbelito i didnt skill ulti
00:12:45zebbelito lvl 6
00:12:48jrNy tt
00:12:51zebbelito y
00:13:00Jonnija ss
00:13:02Jonnija care ursa
00:13:10Jonnija wr re
00:13:18jrNy take
00:13:19jrNy all
00:13:26zebbelito ty
00:13:28zebbelito lol
00:13:31jrNy needu :)
00:13:46GunzComeOut need wards
00:13:47jrNy no
00:13:49jrNy chicnen
00:13:50jrNy uped
00:13:51jrNy no wards
00:14:03Herre getting manaboots
00:14:05Herre after that - yes
00:14:14jrNy TT
00:14:19jrNy so lucky
00:14:19MariahCarry QQ
00:14:20jrNy ffs
00:14:22jrNy well
00:14:24jrNy not lucky
00:14:26jrNy just so fucking bad of me
00:14:40Jonnija LOL
00:14:41svents ss pcils
00:14:41Herre def
00:14:42GunzComeOut lol
00:14:42GunzComeOut gj
00:14:47Cr4ne IMBA!"
00:14:57Herre DEF
00:15:00GunzComeOut wards plz
00:15:12Herre OFMG
00:15:30GunzComeOut omw mid
00:15:37jrNy kjezz
00:15:39GunzComeOut hunt woods
00:15:39jrNy i got bad farm
00:15:39GunzComeOut bone
00:15:51GunzComeOut omw
00:16:05zebbelito aha
00:16:09zebbelito in our base
00:16:14jrNy u dint see
00:16:15jrNy :
00:16:15zebbelito pugna thd why no wardss?
00:16:15jrNy :d
00:16:20Herre just bought
00:16:26zebbelito pugna get 16 wards
00:16:31Herre get it
00:16:53Herre get it
00:16:55GunzComeOut combo them
00:16:57GunzComeOut mariah
00:17:28GunzComeOut that ward
00:17:29GunzComeOut fuckin
00:17:30GunzComeOut hurts
00:17:46GunzComeOut go mid wr
00:17:47GunzComeOut tpo
00:17:52svents i go meks
00:17:54svents meka
00:18:05Herre xDd
00:18:05MariahCarry hi
00:18:06MariahCarry wp
00:18:43GunzComeOut go
00:18:56zebbelito bhaha
00:19:04GunzComeOut didnt see ur mana
00:19:04GunzComeOut :P
00:19:54Cr4ne gunz u click my hero time to time?
00:19:56jrNy we need
00:19:56jrNy gem
00:19:57Herre jrny
00:19:57jrNy now
00:19:58Herre plz.
00:19:58jrNy acctually
00:20:00jrNy what?
00:20:00GunzComeOut not recently
00:20:04Herre stop sucking
00:20:05Herre plz
00:20:10jrNy 0-1
00:20:13jrNy i suck
00:20:14Herre indeed.
00:20:15jrNy cause i dont own?
00:20:16Herre 0-1
00:20:22Cr4ne some1 took control in that tf
00:20:27zebbelito i cant kil rosh
00:20:29zebbelito wards
00:20:30jrNy nope
00:20:31jrNy y
00:20:32Herre you are not releasing the full potential from your hero
00:20:37jrNy i am
00:20:38jrNy but
00:20:39Herre you are not
00:20:40jrNy i dont know
00:20:41jrNy how it is
00:20:44jrNy when all
00:20:45jrNy focus u
00:20:53jrNy nobody
00:20:54jrNy gives
00:20:54MariahCarry warded top
00:20:55jrNy a shit
00:20:57jrNy bout u
00:20:59jrNy but
00:21:01jrNy if u go in
00:21:02jrNy i get all
00:21:18svents omg
00:21:20svents sry
00:21:24jrNy b
00:21:24jrNy b
00:21:24jrNy b
00:21:25jrNy b
00:21:25jrNy b
00:21:36svents thought i have mana for blast -.-
00:22:05MariahCarry wp gunz
00:22:06MariahCarry damn
00:22:09MariahCarry :D
00:22:28jrNy clinks
00:22:30jrNy mega free farm
00:22:31jrNy :/
00:22:33zebbelito y
00:22:41Herre np
00:22:49Herre zebbe will outfarm him
00:22:52zebbelito lmao
00:23:04jrNy they got
00:23:05jrNy 0 to
00:23:05jrNy stop
00:23:06jrNy bkb
00:23:06svents regeb
00:23:08Herre ursa will rip him apart if he gets the chance
00:23:10jrNy take
00:23:20Herre make dagger
00:23:22Herre imo
00:23:30Herre so you can focus him
00:23:31zebbelito y
00:23:31zebbelito oimw
00:23:36GunzComeOut get top twr
00:23:37GunzComeOut go with 4
00:23:38Herre gang
00:23:40Herre for fuck sake
00:23:42GunzComeOut got blink
00:23:44MariahCarry ye
00:23:44GunzComeOut so i start fight
00:23:46zebbelito venom
00:24:04jrNy we need gem
00:24:05jrNy so bone
00:24:06jrNy cant
00:24:07jrNy go us
00:24:08jrNy after
00:24:11jrNy we started fight
00:24:17jrNy defend
00:24:18zebbelito w8
00:24:18jrNy i got all
00:24:20zebbelito 300
00:24:21zebbelito dagger
00:24:22jrNy kk
00:24:35zebbelito i cant come
00:24:37zebbelito now
00:24:56Herre :D:DD
00:24:57jrNy se how much
00:24:58Herre wp
00:24:58jrNy they focus me?
00:25:09GunzComeOut thought bone was with us
00:25:09MariahCarry wow
00:25:09GunzComeOut soz
00:25:10zebbelito get me gem
00:25:12MariahCarry me2
00:25:17jrNy herre
00:25:19zebbelito or dust enough?
00:25:19jrNy did u see it?
00:25:22jrNy gem
00:25:23Herre yepp
00:25:24jrNy needed
00:25:26jrNy but not nyer
00:25:31svents i can buy gem
00:25:36jrNy not yet
00:25:41zebbelito i
00:26:15Jonnija qop 4 disables
00:26:16Herre xD
00:26:17Jonnija ah
00:26:18Jonnija more
00:26:19Jonnija :D
00:26:30jrNy easy
00:26:38svents go
00:26:42Jonnija ulty soon
00:26:46jrNy got
00:26:49jrNy aghe in 200 g
00:26:53GunzComeOut dont push
00:26:53Herre ;aGHE
00:27:03jrNy got ulti again
00:27:21MariahCarry i can't blink in with ulti
00:27:23MariahCarry cus of the ward
00:27:27Jonnija poisonnova :D
00:27:35zebbelito i try rosh
00:27:36MariahCarry that's a pretty sick sk counter
00:27:37zebbelito for gem
00:27:53Jonnija bone has silence
00:27:58jrNy np
00:28:01Jonnija another way to kill qop
00:28:03jrNy i get ghost staff
00:28:07GunzComeOut go rosh
00:28:07GunzComeOut fast
00:28:09MariahCarry omw
00:28:17GunzComeOut go in maraih
00:28:20Herre pugna, carry the wards
00:28:26GunzComeOut why wait :/
00:28:26Herre imo
00:28:38GunzComeOut u have blink
00:28:38GunzComeOut wtf
00:28:39zebbelito ok get me
00:28:39zebbelito gem
00:28:40zebbelito now
00:28:43jrNy go
00:28:44jrNy buy gem
00:28:45jrNy for him
00:28:46MariahCarry can't go in alone
00:28:50GunzComeOut yes u can
00:28:51Herre pugna
00:28:54svents i buy gem?
00:28:55MariahCarry then i die
00:28:56zebbelito y
00:29:04GunzComeOut he doesnt have a dust
00:29:06GunzComeOut and bone was there
00:29:07Herre def mid
00:29:08zebbelito i focus clinkz then
00:29:08GunzComeOut in 2 secs :/
00:29:42jrNy no way
00:29:47jrNy hes gone
00:29:51jrNy lol
00:29:56svents my bad
00:29:57jrNy i had
00:29:57jrNy ulti
00:29:58jrNy on cd
00:30:01svents couldnt use meka -.-
00:30:04Herre xDD
00:30:06Lowbob wtf
00:30:17jrNy please
00:30:19jrNy dont tell
00:30:21jrNy things
00:30:22jrNy like that
00:30:27jrNy only makes u look more nobish :)
00:30:31svents :D
00:30:38jrNy joni
00:30:39jrNy make
00:30:43jrNy aghenims
00:30:43svents but all say that i am noob
00:30:43zebbelito me
00:30:44jrNy after
00:30:45zebbelito need bkb
00:30:48Jonnija y...
00:30:54zebbelito i go those
00:31:09GunzComeOut did 1 of u buy the gem?
00:31:11Jonnija FFS
00:31:12Jonnija pugna
00:31:14MariahCarry not me
00:31:14GunzComeOut nvm
00:31:20zebbelito wards
00:31:21zebbelito place
00:31:22zebbelito all
00:31:23zebbelito 20
00:31:28jrNy i take
00:31:29jrNy invis
00:31:30jrNy _.-
00:31:35Lowbob invis twin
00:31:46GunzComeOut bone u should be ganking
00:31:46GunzComeOut :/
00:31:55jrNy go
00:31:56jrNy gem
00:31:58jrNy destroy
00:31:58jrNy wards
00:32:07jrNy who got gem+0
00:32:14Jonnija ursa
00:32:15Jonnija ofc
00:32:17zebbelito fopr bkb
00:32:23Lowbob i come
00:32:29zebbelito ok gg
00:32:33Herre gg
00:32:40GunzComeOut share
00:32:41GunzComeOut chick
00:32:43GunzComeOut :/
00:32:49Herre fight
00:32:55jrNy why bkb?
00:33:01zebbelito kuz oi can
00:33:05Herre push
00:33:10Cr4ne then dont use me
00:33:12jrNy u gonna need it now :)
00:33:16GunzComeOut i didnt use u
00:33:17GunzComeOut lol
00:33:26Lowbob second time i die because shit noob mariah
00:33:47Herre ok venomancer
00:33:51Herre nice tp there
00:33:56Jonnija y i can
00:33:57Herre in 4v5 situation
00:33:59Jonnija tp
00:33:59Jonnija there
00:34:05zebbelito omw
00:34:06Jonnija got
00:34:08Jonnija awesome bot
00:34:09Jonnija and all
00:34:23GunzComeOut stop farming
00:34:24Herre gg
00:34:28Herre finally I won a game
00:34:32Herre when I got no carriermariah
00:34:37svents i said ill help u to win :D
00:34:39Herre what a relief
00:34:43jrNy sry
00:34:43Herre my jakiro did good!
00:34:47jrNy for being so bad herre
00:34:51jrNy sry i dont
00:34:52jrNy have
00:34:55jrNy 30-0
00:35:00zebbelito b
00:35:12jrNy lemme
00:35:16Herre how silly
00:35:35Herre push bot
00:35:38GunzComeOut gank them now plz
00:35:41zebbelito i must reg
00:35:46Herre uncool that is
00:35:49Herre >:/
00:35:57zebbelito dno what to get
00:36:00Herre hot
00:36:02zebbelito y
00:36:04svents y
00:36:04jrNy btw
00:36:06jrNy i got bkb
00:36:06zebbelito but
00:36:07jrNy make
00:36:07jrNy hex
00:36:08jrNy zebbe
00:36:13GunzComeOut def it
00:36:14jrNy dont
00:36:14jrNy go
00:36:15Herre b
00:36:15jrNy rhasta
00:36:17jrNy u gonna die
00:36:37Herre -,s
00:36:37Jonnija push something?
00:36:38Herre -ms
00:36:40Herre bot
00:36:41Cr4ne w8
00:36:42jrNy go bot
00:37:10Herre gather
00:37:59jrNy 'b
00:39:07zebbelito im so low
00:39:08zebbelito hp
00:39:09zebbelito :/
00:39:11Herre hot
00:39:12jrNy they
00:39:12jrNy cant
00:39:14jrNy touch u
00:39:15jrNy bkb
00:39:16Herre y
00:39:17jrNy they got
00:39:17jrNy 0
00:39:19jrNy damage
00:39:21jrNy other than spells
00:39:31zebbelito for qop
00:39:40zebbelito ward
00:39:52Herre ofmg
00:40:36Cr4ne how the fuck didnt that shackle you?
00:40:44jrNy ask
00:40:45jrNy frog
00:41:13Herre ty
00:41:16svents :D
00:41:23Herre ty
00:41:26svents omg
00:41:42Lowbob ffs
00:41:44Herre u r my farming maschine
00:41:45zebbelito hmm
00:42:09jrNy get
00:42:10jrNy wards
00:42:10zebbelito get me new gem
00:42:11jrNy again
00:42:12zebbelito pugna
00:42:16zebbelito pugna
00:42:16zebbelito buy
00:42:17zebbelito gem
00:42:19zebbelito now
00:42:25svents no
00:42:30svents need linkens
00:42:36Herre go bot
00:42:44Jonnija got aghas
00:42:45Jonnija now
00:42:50jrNy sweet
00:42:55Jonnija 60 sec
00:42:55Jonnija cd
00:43:06GunzComeOut make guinso
00:43:06Herre go bot
00:43:07GunzComeOut wr
00:43:09GunzComeOut not linken
00:43:20Herre or top?
00:43:25jrNy top ofc
00:43:25Jonnija rosh
00:43:27Jonnija first
00:43:32zebbelito they wadsrd
00:43:43GunzComeOut wtf
00:43:43Herre xD
00:43:46Herre np
00:45:00jrNy go rosh
00:45:11zebbelito jahga!
00:45:12Herre Xd
00:45:14Herre pz
00:45:14zebbelito <AgfGD
00:45:15jrNy why seppe :P
00:45:22Herre omg.
00:45:24zebbelito I DIDNT PUSH BKB
00:45:26Herre lets just win this
00:45:27Jonnija lool
00:45:30zebbelito or i would have
00:45:34zebbelito killed all
00:45:44jrNy new gem :/
00:45:47zebbelito :D
00:45:48Jonnija kk lets blame ursa :D
00:45:51zebbelito i can buy if 50 g
00:46:00GunzComeOut get rosh
00:46:01GunzComeOut mb?
00:46:03MariahCarry sure
00:46:03zebbelito goit hex
00:46:05GunzComeOut bone
00:46:05Herre lets just push and finish
00:46:07GunzComeOut we need u
00:46:08GunzComeOut to kill it
00:46:12Jonnija bone has the gem
00:46:15zebbelito :S
00:46:16Jonnija if u kill him u get
00:46:17Jonnija one
00:46:19Jonnija qop
00:46:20Jonnija dies
00:46:20Jonnija :D
00:46:24Herre srsly.
00:46:29Jonnija o0 bkb
00:46:33jrNy ofc
00:46:35zebbelito 'gem cooldown
00:46:43Lowbob go
00:46:46zebbelito go
00:46:54zebbelito FAST
00:47:03Jonnija just
00:47:05Jonnija dont forget
00:47:07Jonnija ur bkb
00:47:23zebbelito aah welkl
00:47:25Herre omfg
00:47:41Herre xD
00:47:43zebbelito RAMPAAGE
00:47:43svents n1 :D
00:47:43Herre wp
00:47:43Lowbob Wtf :D
00:47:49Jonnija poisen nova
00:48:12GunzComeOut epic
00:48:15Jonnija u forgot ur bkb agaiN?
00:48:19zebbelito nono
00:48:24Jonnija ah it wore
00:48:25Jonnija off
00:48:30zebbelito all were gone and arrow made me lose dagger
00:48:32zebbelito so when i got in
00:48:33zebbelito no bkb
00:48:45GunzComeOut u can take if its low
00:48:45GunzComeOut bone
00:49:06GunzComeOut na
00:49:12Herre just finish
00:49:16Jonnija rosh
00:49:17Jonnija has
00:49:17Jonnija half
00:49:18Jonnija hp
00:49:18MariahCarry omw
00:49:20Herre aah
00:49:25MariahCarry ursa gem
00:49:58zebbelito herre?
00:49:59zebbelito lol
00:50:02Herre xD
00:50:13svents get ur ass here
00:50:33Herre gg mariahcarry
00:50:42Herre wp and shit
00:51:32GunzComeOut how we lose with these heroes
00:51:34jrNy gg
00:51:34GunzComeOut i have no idea :)
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