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Chat log

00:00:06hibalunt -rd
00:00:06Ckalle -rd
00:00:06Bct_Murder Mode?
00:00:15Bct_Murder who buy curier?
00:00:15Ckalle oh, I have a lastpick that speaks English
00:00:15Lucky lastpick
00:00:15veuncent lastpick
00:00:15Ckalle whee
00:00:15Lucky anyone trall ?
00:00:15zonskass me
00:00:15Lucky anyone trall ?
00:00:15Lucky kk
00:00:15Bct_Murder i can
00:00:15Bct_Murder thrall
00:00:15Ckalle me 2
00:00:15zonskass i am pro trall
00:00:15fUNCh i'll carry
00:00:15hibalunt so low quality teams, i think carrys win this...cant really go support and do nothing in endgame
00:00:15Bct_Murder i can rhasta?
00:00:15Bct_Murder i pro rhasta ;]
00:00:15zonskass :D
00:00:15Lucky clock
00:00:15zonskass we team
00:00:15fUNCh ban tuskar ?
00:00:15hibalunt -clock
00:00:15Lucky ban Clock
00:00:15Bct_Murder i and zonskass friend ;]
00:00:15Ckalle I go Snipe?
00:00:15Lucky clockwerk
00:00:15Ckalle yeah
00:00:15Bct_Murder and crixal ;D
00:00:15Bct_Murder or bara ;D
00:00:15fUNCh cw
00:00:15hibalunt -clockwerk
00:00:15zonskass how ban?
00:00:15Lucky -clockwerk
00:00:15Ckalle no red text in remake
00:00:15hibalunt zzzz
00:00:15Lucky zzz
00:00:15Ckalle guys...
00:00:15zonskass what we must type?
00:00:15Bct_Murder -clockwerk
00:00:15Lucky just say ban then
00:00:15Ckalle I ban tuskarr
00:00:21veuncent nothing
00:00:21hibalunt Clock & Tusarrrr banned go
00:00:23zonskass tral for me
00:00:26Lucky yeah
00:00:29zonskass what you want?
00:00:35Lucky dunno yet
00:00:38karm get sk i can swap
00:00:39zonskass ok
00:00:39Lucky lets see pick first
00:00:40Ckalle hiba want mid?
00:00:45MiikLo eow
00:00:48MiikLo hvad tager du
00:00:48zonskass dont pick my visage
00:00:52zonskass ;D
00:00:52hibalunt i try with this y
00:00:54fUNCh my pa
00:00:54fUNCh ffs
00:00:59MoBrasco ved ik hvad tar du
00:01:02MiikLo ved ik
00:01:09hibalunt farm game inc
00:01:12zonskass mb you want sniper?
00:01:18MoBrasco jeg tror jeg tar ham til venstre med skjold eller den sorte nedudner ved ik hvem syntes du
00:01:18Lucky nah i think ns
00:01:19Lucky mby
00:01:23fUNCh i'm top
00:01:23Ckalle either trilane top, 1 woods or some actual support
00:01:28fUNCh take forest or one pulls
00:01:36Ckalle I rly don't wanna lane with someone taking my CS
00:01:36Lucky hmm..
00:01:39fUNCh or can i mnid ?
00:01:39zonskass tuskar?
00:01:40MiikLo i go mid with sniper
00:01:42Lucky give me lion
00:01:42MiikLo kk ?
00:01:44Ckalle no
00:01:45karm no
00:01:46hibalunt nope
00:01:46karm :D
00:01:47zonskass -swap 1
00:01:48MiikLo why ?
00:01:49Lucky -swap 5
00:01:50MoBrasco ckalle u took my hero :P
00:01:51Ckalle cus WR is mid
00:01:55fUNCh lucky lanes ?
00:02:02karm take zeus
00:02:02Lucky hmm
00:02:07Bct_Murder i go with thrall
00:02:07karm lol
00:02:08Lucky the mates
00:02:09Lucky go
00:02:10Lucky on lane
00:02:11Ckalle leoric woods?
00:02:13Lucky i mid
00:02:20Lucky and Qop and barum
00:02:21Lucky top
00:02:29Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:31Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Shudo Brolis [r,d,e,w]
00:02:31zonskass /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:33MoBrasco hvad mener han ash
00:02:35zonskass \trall
00:02:37zonskass /w DotaKeys: You control Far Seer [c,d,e,r]
00:02:44MiikLo om du går i skoven
00:02:44Ckalle jag frågar om du kan gå woods?
00:02:50zonskass kurva tau rodo mana?
00:02:53Bct_Murder joa ;D
00:02:54MiikLo og tager creaps
00:02:56zonskass mane taip nervina
00:02:56MiikLo gør det
00:02:58MiikLo din nar
00:02:59MoBrasco når
00:03:00Bct_Murder joa ziauriai ;D
00:03:06MiikLo tag nogen liv dunke og gør det toppen
00:03:08zonskass bt seip geras daiktas
00:03:08karm -ma
00:03:11Ckalle need stout
00:03:12Ckalle for woods
00:03:14zonskass tik ant mobu galetu nerodyt
00:03:21karm stout? :o
00:03:24MoBrasco stun
00:03:24Ckalle stout shield
00:03:28karm u pull or i pull
00:03:28Ckalle on leoric
00:03:30Ckalle for wood
00:03:32Ckalle u ofc
00:03:38Ckalle and don't u dare take my lasthits
00:03:43Bct_Murder musu line
00:03:44Bct_Murder turi butr
00:03:49zonskass crixa visada bandysim
00:03:52Ckalle 2 autoattackers bot
00:03:53Ckalle ROFL
00:04:04fUNCh pull ?
00:04:08Ckalle welcome to Battle.Net
00:04:24Bct_Murder wtf ?;D
00:04:25Ckalle oh yeah
00:04:28zonskass nx
00:04:30MiikLo ffs
00:04:40hibalunt leo wtd???
00:04:43fUNCh go pull
00:04:58Ckalle SK
00:04:59Ckalle GO FFS
00:05:04MoBrasco lol
00:05:07Ckalle ROFL
00:05:08MoBrasco vil d ik ha jeg stunner
00:05:08Ckalle ahahahaha
00:05:13Ckalle Karm
00:05:13Ckalle go roam
00:05:15Ckalle let me solo
00:05:16Ckalle u noob
00:05:32Ckalle leoric + sk go roam together
00:05:33Ckalle let me farm bot
00:05:35veuncent miss
00:05:51MiikLo ss top
00:05:57hibalunt late
00:06:05fUNCh GOGOO
00:06:10karm sk??????????????????????
00:06:24karm SK
00:06:26karm come
00:06:29Ckalle you are SK
00:06:31Ckalle fyi
00:06:33MiikLo say ss again wind
00:06:36MiikLo what a noob
00:06:47MiikLo need help top
00:06:48fUNCh FEEL SORRy for that sniper :D
00:06:55veuncent :P
00:07:06karm sure i come top
00:07:29fUNCh pull and kill
00:07:34veuncent kk
00:07:39MiikLo need help top
00:07:40MiikLo ?
00:07:43karm skeleton what r ur plans ? :p
00:07:45Ckalle go trilane top
00:07:51Ckalle just let me farm
00:08:03MoBrasco erm
00:08:03Bct_Murder aik cia
00:08:05MoBrasco mort
00:08:08MoBrasco ur farming or ?
00:08:11Bct_Murder ss 2 down
00:08:12Ckalle yeah
00:08:13hibalunt lion inc top with rune
00:08:15hibalunt re
00:08:17Bct_Murder ner
00:08:17Bct_Murder ;D
00:08:39fUNCh sniper
00:08:54hibalunt leo can u gtfo?
00:09:05zonskass nesiparink :D
00:09:15Ckalle ...
00:09:16Bct_Murder vel jis leavins ;D
00:09:17Ckalle ff
00:09:20zonskass :D
00:09:24hibalunt my bad, was pissed on leo hanging in mid...
00:09:26zonskass no mis?
00:09:26MoBrasco reg'
00:09:28Ckalle yeah
00:09:37veuncent ah good
00:09:39Ckalle 2 player team
00:09:49zonskass who?
00:09:50veuncent b
00:09:57karm ckalle is just a joke (:
00:10:01hibalunt lon inc top
00:10:02hibalunt care
00:10:06Lucky ss
00:10:08Bct_Murder tu arcane boots aras?
00:10:09zonskass ka gaminsi?
00:10:11zonskass as
00:10:14hibalunt re
00:10:14veuncent skelly miss
00:10:23veuncent re
00:10:25veuncent 3 top
00:10:26Bct_Murder as jau turiu litus
00:10:29MoBrasco gj
00:10:43hibalunt lion bot inc
00:10:47MoBrasco crix no stun yet
00:10:48zonskass man labiau ju reik
00:10:58zonskass bk
00:11:00veuncent 3 top
00:11:05MoBrasco k stun now
00:11:09veuncent miss
00:11:11veuncent top
00:11:11veuncent 2
00:11:12hibalunt lion top inc wit qop
00:11:13Ckalle ss 2 bot
00:11:13veuncent 1
00:11:19karm b sk
00:11:19karm b
00:11:40Ckalle re 1
00:12:22MiikLo mudi
00:12:24MiikLo gå ned
00:12:26veuncent miss
00:12:27MiikLo lad være kom op
00:12:27Ckalle NEJ
00:12:36MiikLo 3 top ?
00:12:38Ckalle yes.
00:12:42MiikLo no lvl nob
00:12:43MiikLo noob
00:12:49karm miss top
00:12:50karm n all
00:12:51karm :D
00:13:03Ckalle ss bot
00:13:11veuncent miss
00:13:15veuncent 3
00:13:16veuncent top
00:13:20veuncent re 2
00:13:23hibalunt care top lion inc
00:13:32veuncent omw
00:13:36MiikLo lol?
00:13:52MiikLo shiit
00:13:55MoBrasco etf
00:13:56MiikLo what a team
00:13:56MoBrasco wtf
00:13:58Bct_Murder omg ;D
00:14:02zonskass ;dDDDD
00:14:03Bct_Murder mano kobros toweri damuse ;D
00:14:14Lucky need a smoke :(
00:14:20Lucky im dying here.
00:14:26veuncent get a grip
00:14:32Bct_Murder cia pize jiem jau ;D
00:14:52Bct_Murder lion wait
00:14:55karm miss all
00:15:02zonskass bara target
00:15:11veuncent k
00:15:14fUNCh wait mana ?
00:15:19veuncent sniper
00:15:21Ckalle wards could be nice
00:15:36karm wards? :D
00:15:39Ckalle yeah
00:15:41Ckalle u know
00:15:41karm have u even noticed whats going on
00:15:51veuncent b
00:15:55Ckalle yeah
00:16:06Ckalle we're getting raped because we have no vision
00:16:10Ckalle so again
00:16:13zonskass 13 min
00:16:14zonskass :D
00:16:17Bct_Murder nu ;D
00:16:17zonskass kai tarsom
00:16:19Ckalle wards would be nice
00:16:28zonskass 3-17
00:16:44Ckalle lvl 6 sniper doesn't have his best skill
00:16:57Ckalle cus why win when u can lose?
00:16:59Lucky you had died anyway ?
00:17:02Ckalle yeah
00:17:05Ckalle but
00:17:10Ckalle these guys are not even trying
00:17:18MiikLo what can i doo ??
00:17:21MiikLo ffs
00:17:27hibalunt pick a hero u can play
00:17:31fUNCh haste
00:17:37Lucky stay
00:17:53fUNCh tnx
00:18:01veuncent skelly
00:18:03Ckalle charge
00:18:04veuncent gogogo
00:18:05veuncent go
00:18:10MoBrasco ffs help me
00:18:24MiikLo vi på røven
00:18:24Bct_Murder 2iese vos 3 nesupisom ;DDD
00:18:27Bct_Murder tai cia ner ka lost ;D
00:18:27zonskass :D
00:18:34MoBrasco goddamit u are fokusing on the ff creeps
00:19:08Bct_Murder push
00:19:09Bct_Murder ?
00:19:27Bct_Murder parwarau :D
00:19:35zonskass aaa :D
00:19:38MoBrasco mort
00:19:50Lucky omw
00:19:53MoBrasco u not going power treads or helm of domi
00:19:53Lucky just go
00:19:54Lucky to
00:19:54veuncent omw
00:19:54Lucky im
00:20:00Ckalle ofc not
00:20:24MiikLo gå mid
00:20:30Ckalle it's impossible to farm without vision -.-
00:20:41Ckalle ty hiba
00:20:45veuncent sniper
00:20:58MiikLo hvorfor smuutter du bare +
00:21:06MoBrasco hallo dig du siger til mig gå mid
00:21:19MiikLo jaa for 100år siden , du går lige når de kommer
00:21:26Ckalle why do u play here when ure b-net skilled?
00:21:27karm we defending?
00:21:35MiikLo theam ffs they rush os gank os pull us in ass, lets get some gank's
00:21:37veuncent charged
00:22:36Ckalle hiba make force staff
00:22:40Ckalle vs that ring
00:22:42karm b
00:22:43karm sk
00:22:54fUNCh :D:D::DD:
00:22:58zonskass :D
00:23:03MiikLo 7-10
00:23:06MiikLo 7-29
00:24:08MiikLo we cant do anything
00:24:12zonskass :D
00:24:13Lucky buy
00:24:15Lucky me
00:24:15Lucky tp
00:24:16Lucky fast
00:24:18Lucky in base
00:24:28veuncent oops
00:24:37zonskass :D
00:25:04Ckalle lvl 8 sniper still no Shrapnel
00:25:23Lucky hmm its not standard to go that skill you know ..
00:25:32zonskass sudegei, bet neumuse :d
00:25:36zonskass butu sulamines
00:25:54Bct_Murder ;D
00:26:03fUNCh KINDA HARd with 2
00:27:10MiikLo LOL JUST A ULTI
00:27:14MiikLo AND DEAD
00:27:16Lucky not agha...
00:27:17fUNCh reg bot
00:27:20Lucky kk
00:27:21karm r u playing for the first time :P
00:27:47MiikLo stun ulti and sniper is dead +? what can i do tell me
00:29:47Lucky reuse
00:30:06Bct_Murder now push mid?
00:30:07Bct_Murder meybe
00:30:09Bct_Murder /
00:30:10zonskass end
00:30:10Lucky sure
00:30:39veuncent or we can go rosh
00:30:43fUNCh no need
00:30:51hibalunt b top
00:30:57veuncent charging skelly
00:31:43veuncent sniper
00:32:06Lucky gg wp
00:32:10Ckalle yeah
00:32:14hibalunt i guess there is something to learn from this kind of games, but i just dont know what
00:32:16Ckalle very well played team
00:32:25Ckalle never EVER add with these idiots again?
00:32:27Lucky dont blame the team you played like trash..
00:32:34karm =D
00:32:34Ckalle rofl
00:32:34fUNCh + pro pick
00:32:40fUNCh only funch knows how to play pa
00:32:46karm 1
00:32:50Lucky rofl 1-10.. you feeded.
00:32:51Ckalle Funch doesn't know how to play. period
00:32:52Lucky alot
00:33:26veuncent gg
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