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-9 X
+1 TS

96% | 1608 X | 1550 TS

+37 X
+1 TS

89% | 1383 X | 1572 TS

+36 X
+2 TS

88% | 1399 X | 1538 TS

+14 X
+3 TS

44% | 1066 X | 1341 TS

+33 X
+49 TS

NEW | 999 X | 972 TS

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-1 TS

94% | 1490 X | 1572 TS

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-1 TS

64% | 1175 X | 1426 TS

-37 X
-2 TS

60% | 1211 X | 1343 TS

-43 X
-1 TS

58% | 1187 X | 1347 TS

-1 X
-1 TS

55% | 1150 X | 1365 TS

Chat log

00:00:08Seppo13 imm basscreatorrrrrrrrrr
00:00:14TOo_LaZy hm
00:00:15TOo_LaZy :D
00:00:18Seppo13 dmdmdmd
00:00:19Seppo13 damadmadmad
00:00:20Jonnija this doesnt seem very balanced to me
00:00:20Seppo13 jaujauu
00:00:28livingde4th this mode is simply gay
00:00:31Bra~ but it is
00:00:36Lavos i could go magnus
00:00:36NotAHax i dont rly see problem
00:00:40NotAHax hmm k
00:00:42livingde4th ye aur capt
00:00:47Jonnija they got first 3 players over 80%
00:00:48livingde4th u can decide ur hero
00:00:48Lavos magnus wd anything rly
00:00:49Lavos nice pool :D
00:00:55Jonnija we got a cap and 60%
00:01:02Jonnija cap 90...
00:01:08Bra~ np we got this
00:01:12Jonnija lol
00:01:12livingde4th i wanna huskar but not possible in this mode :DD
00:01:31Jonnija well sometimes its good when ppl cant pick
00:01:33Jonnija what they want
00:01:33livingde4th i could do tiny or cent
00:01:35Smokeer let me wd if u can
00:01:37Jonnija what they want
00:01:38Seppo13 so
00:01:40Seppo13 good song
00:01:41Seppo13 ah
00:01:42Seppo13 oh
00:01:43Seppo13 <3
00:01:43Smokeer oh
00:01:47Seppo13 admadmdm
00:01:49TOo_LaZy what is the nme
00:01:50TOo_LaZy ?
00:01:53livingde4th well shouldnt this be about fun not so serious
00:01:53Seppo13 basscreator? :D
00:02:05Ckalle 'kay guys
00:02:08Seppo13 :---D
00:02:09Ckalle u up for some PUSH STRAT`?
00:02:13livingde4th gimeme some tank axe cent tiny?
00:02:18Jonnija if we can pull it off
00:02:18Seppo13 dmdmmdmd
00:02:19Lavos panda/axe/cent?
00:02:28Smokeer ..
00:02:28Seppo13 MEIL PAREE HEROT
00:02:28TOo_LaZy this one is good
00:02:29TOo_LaZy ;d
00:02:31livingde4th need to jump on those weaklings
00:02:35NotAHax mä tiedän
00:02:37Bra~ haha
00:02:38Seppo13 name?
00:02:42Bra~ got you now
00:02:48Jonnija somekinda emocore for sure :D
00:02:50livingde4th now even more
00:02:51livingde4th tiny?
00:02:54TOo_LaZy hm
00:02:56Seppo13 näh
00:02:56TOo_LaZy i cant do ench
00:02:56TOo_LaZy :D
00:03:02Ckalle I'll Veno mid
00:03:03Seppo13 tekno, youknow
00:03:04Ckalle mass wards
00:03:09TOo_LaZy i know
00:03:12TOo_LaZy i listne minimal techn
00:03:13TOo_LaZy mostly
00:03:14TOo_LaZy minus
00:03:14Lavos i can play cent
00:03:15TOo_LaZy gaiser
00:03:15TOo_LaZy mada
00:03:16Lavos or did some1 take it
00:03:17TOo_LaZy magda
00:03:17Ckalle Ench get phat creeps and push twrs
00:03:23livingde4th i could also mby
00:03:24TOo_LaZy i cant do
00:03:27TOo_LaZy ench who can ?
00:03:29livingde4th lets see last pick
00:03:31NotAHax living4death solo mid tiny
00:03:32livingde4th i tiny
00:03:36TOo_LaZy gimme husky
00:03:36Ckalle okay
00:03:37Jonnija noone :D
00:03:37TOo_LaZy :D
00:03:37NotAHax centaur jakiro top
00:03:38NotAHax magina wl bot
00:03:39Bra~ i can
00:03:39TOo_LaZy ill own lane
00:03:40Ckalle Techis or KotL last?
00:03:46Jonnija lol
00:03:46Lavos ok i go cent
00:03:48Bra~ panda
00:03:48Jonnija wtf heroes :D
00:03:50TOo_LaZy panda
00:03:51TOo_LaZy for m1
00:03:51Ckalle we push
00:03:52TOo_LaZy me
00:03:54livingde4th gonan be hard mid if some krobe or ench
00:03:55Ckalle we can't win by skill
00:03:58Jonnija get tehies
00:03:58Bra~ panda can push
00:03:59Jonnija just
00:03:59livingde4th i just hunt runes
00:03:59TOo_LaZy ollll
00:04:01TOo_LaZy lolllllll
00:04:01Jonnija :D
00:04:01Ckalle we have to mega push
00:04:01NotAHax y
00:04:03TOo_LaZy how cant we?
00:04:07Ckalle so KotL or Techies?
00:04:07NotAHax mut en näe
00:04:08livingde4th obs would help
00:04:09NotAHax täs modis vikaa
00:04:11TOo_LaZy kotl
00:04:13TOo_LaZy afc
00:04:13NotAHax peli voidaa voittaa pickeis jo
00:04:15NotAHax joka tekee kiintoisan
00:04:17NotAHax pusku taku nol
00:04:18NotAHax :D
00:04:20livingde4th no nii just seei jaksa hikoilla
00:04:23Ckalle Krob solo top
00:04:25Ckalle ench wood
00:04:30Jonnija toolazy
00:04:33livingde4th jasit jos sul on paska kapu
00:04:35Jonnija u can play
00:04:36livingde4th voit hävii pickeis
00:04:36Jonnija it?
00:04:37TOo_LaZy i can
00:04:39TOo_LaZy -hhn
00:04:40TOo_LaZy -di
00:04:41TOo_LaZy -clear
00:04:43NotAHax lavos
00:04:44NotAHax you farm
00:04:45NotAHax fat
00:04:52NotAHax when dagger hood you start kill
00:04:56Ckalle KotL WD just make sure to harass the shit out of them
00:04:58NotAHax and come team fites
00:04:59NotAHax after dagger
00:04:59NotAHax rdy
00:05:00NotAHax .
00:05:02Lavos well
00:05:03livingde4th try rush dagger
00:05:05livingde4th roh first
00:05:06Lavos see
00:05:07Lavos =)
00:05:07livingde4th then dagger
00:05:14Ckalle and be ready to walk with team to push towers
00:05:16Jonnija krobe courier?
00:05:19livingde4th ppl always build too much for cent before dagger
00:05:20TOo_LaZy omfg
00:05:22Lavos :D
00:05:24NotAHax gl with pushing
00:05:26NotAHax against tiny centaur
00:05:28NotAHax gl man.
00:05:29TOo_LaZy ok
00:05:31Smokeer they must be tri
00:05:32TOo_LaZy u looze
00:05:33Lavos i allways do dagger for anyhero allmost first
00:05:33TOo_LaZy i tell u
00:05:35TOo_LaZy sorry :(
00:05:38TOo_LaZy im not on your team
00:05:39Ckalle Like I have a choice when ur 2 first picks are better then me
00:05:40NotAHax we will see that
00:05:43livingde4th well if we wont get dagger then its easy
00:05:45Bra~ carry ench np
00:05:45Ckalle and ur 3rd picks is better then my team
00:05:50TOo_LaZy living daeth
00:05:52TOo_LaZy not betetr
00:05:59livingde4th neeed obss
00:06:00NotAHax my 4 pick is beter then ur second
00:06:04Ckalle yeah
00:06:04Ckalle so
00:06:09Ckalle I have to pick push
00:06:20TOo_LaZy hi 5
00:06:22TOo_LaZy pick is better
00:06:23TOo_LaZy then u
00:06:42Seppo13 ..?
00:07:01TOo_LaZy dude?
00:07:02TOo_LaZy go pull ?
00:07:03TOo_LaZy i solo
00:07:05TOo_LaZy need lvlvls
00:07:25TOo_LaZy gj
00:07:26TOo_LaZy giving exp
00:07:28TOo_LaZy and money to them
00:07:30TOo_LaZy by killing creep
00:07:32Jonnija wtf
00:07:32TOo_LaZy and die now
00:07:32Lavos lol
00:07:43Bra~ :S
00:07:44Bra~ lag
00:08:01Ckalle ss mid
00:08:05TOo_LaZy re
00:08:07Ckalle re
00:08:33Jonnija sepo
00:08:34Jonnija wtf
00:08:36Jonnija are u doing?
00:08:40Seppo13 hangover
00:08:46TOo_LaZy me either:d
00:08:49Seppo13 (=
00:09:20TOo_LaZy omfg
00:09:21Bra~ ffs
00:09:21TOo_LaZy this bra
00:09:25Lavos gj
00:09:38livingde4th need obs
00:09:44Seppo13 notraaa
00:09:50Ckalle ss mid
00:09:55livingde4th rune down
00:09:58livingde4th rune
00:10:09livingde4th b bot
00:10:11livingde4th veno with rune
00:10:14TOo_LaZy get urself a ward
00:10:16TOo_LaZy ench
00:10:38livingde4th re
00:11:03livingde4th losing tower soon
00:11:10NotAHax yh
00:11:10Ckalle ss mid
00:11:13Ckalle re
00:11:15Seppo13 ill come mid
00:11:16Seppo13 gang
00:11:26Seppo13 kill
00:11:27Seppo13 goes
00:11:28TOo_LaZy care
00:11:36Ckalle see my HP?
00:11:39Lavos come
00:11:41livingde4th need obs badly
00:11:42Ckalle stun = dead
00:11:43livingde4th veno miss
00:11:51NotAHax jakiro
00:11:52NotAHax upgrd chicken
00:11:58Ckalle wann push bot twr?
00:12:01livingde4th kill ench
00:12:08Lavos oh
00:12:09Lavos ok
00:12:10livingde4th got haste
00:12:14TOo_LaZy ss
00:12:14TOo_LaZy top
00:12:19Lavos toss me
00:12:20Bra~ tiny top
00:12:21Bra~ hasted
00:12:31Seppo13 nota? :D
00:12:38Ckalle omw bot
00:12:38Ckalle push
00:12:46NotAHax botti tarvii apua
00:12:53Lavos pia dagger
00:12:57NotAHax k
00:13:00Lavos tuun sit
00:13:15Lavos tuhd
00:13:16Lavos go gank
00:13:17livingde4th mäki
00:13:21livingde4th mut olin topis
00:13:25livingde4th runet sinne..
00:13:27Ckalle got him
00:13:32Ckalle mana plz
00:13:42Seppo13 xD
00:14:04Ckalle KotL
00:14:06Ckalle u or me Meka?
00:14:10Jonnija ill get
00:14:10Jonnija it
00:14:13Ckalle k
00:14:14Ckalle me pipe
00:14:37TOo_LaZy ss
00:14:38TOo_LaZy jakri
00:14:42Ckalle inc top
00:14:45Jonnija we should try
00:14:48Jonnija a fast rosh
00:14:50Jonnija some game
00:14:50Jonnija :D
00:15:07Ckalle top twr?
00:15:08Jonnija gang
00:15:10Jonnija magina
00:15:11TOo_LaZy go
00:15:12TOo_LaZy top
00:15:16NotAHax jakiro
00:15:19NotAHax buy another wards plz
00:15:31Ckalle save mana for that ult
00:15:46livingde4th hi
00:15:46Jonnija tiny got me
00:15:57Jonnija 2 klicks takes alot of skill
00:16:02Lavos how come
00:16:04Lavos all top
00:16:05TOo_LaZy ned forty mana
00:16:06livingde4th top u blind?
00:16:11TOo_LaZy thrity
00:16:12livingde4th they walk through me river
00:16:13Lavos ilmeisesti
00:16:17TOo_LaZy ten
00:16:20Lavos no ei sitä mappii kokoaja voi kattoa
00:16:23Lavos kannattaa sanoo
00:16:36Smokeer shit
00:16:49Ckalle deny?
00:16:53Lavos im b
00:16:55livingde4th hei instasin exzaa
00:16:58TOo_LaZy b
00:16:59TOo_LaZy ..
00:16:59livingde4th vittu luuletko et voin kirjottaa
00:17:03livingde4th jos sen lhäel 3 vihuu
00:17:06Ckalle stop him
00:17:16TOo_LaZy mana me
00:17:19livingde4th sitäpaitsi tos on obsu
00:17:21TOo_LaZy wtf
00:17:22livingde4th käyttäkää silmiä
00:17:25Jonnija misclick D
00:17:36TOo_LaZy b plz
00:17:36TOo_LaZy ur lane
00:17:59Lavos magina
00:18:00Lavos rdy
00:18:12NotAHax wait
00:18:12NotAHax wait
00:18:15NotAHax oh dagger
00:18:30Ckalle or go 2nd?
00:18:32Seppo13 rofl
00:18:35Seppo13 ye
00:18:35Bra~ cent dagger
00:18:39livingde4th w8 krobe
00:18:44TOo_LaZy b
00:18:46NotAHax centaur
00:18:47NotAHax go def
00:18:49makkara oom
00:18:53Lavos im oom
00:18:58Seppo13 :DD
00:19:01TOo_LaZy b
00:19:15Ckalle mana
00:19:16makkara brb
00:19:19Ckalle ty
00:19:28Jonnija gotta strong feeling
00:19:29Jonnija that
00:19:30TOo_LaZy mana me
00:19:32Jonnija we arent
00:19:35Jonnija succeding
00:19:37livingde4th mlu oli invsi mut kukaa ei telee
00:19:40livingde4th nii en voi mennä 2v4
00:19:42Jonnija i have cd 2 uknow :D
00:19:47Ckalle we're not doing 2 bad
00:19:54livingde4th too much 3
00:20:03TOo_LaZy regen tp
00:20:03TOo_LaZy top
00:20:05livingde4th go soon
00:20:06livingde4th cent
00:20:09Jonnija got mekas
00:20:09Lavos mjoo
00:20:13livingde4th we got jaki
00:20:20Seppo13 kill
00:20:23Jonnija magina has hood
00:20:41livingde4th let me need dag
00:20:44Seppo13 nota nota ntoa
00:20:48Jonnija wtf
00:20:50Jonnija cent
00:20:51TOo_LaZy where we go
00:20:52Jonnija has blink?
00:20:56makkara reg up
00:20:56Ckalle they said
00:20:58Ckalle 3 mins ago
00:20:58Ckalle man
00:20:59livingde4th ffs i need
00:21:00livingde4th dagger
00:21:01Jonnija HOW?
00:21:07Ckalle 7/1?
00:21:09TOo_LaZy what how
00:21:09Seppo13 ?
00:21:10livingde4th elt em farm mid
00:21:15TOo_LaZy jakiro
00:21:16TOo_LaZy and cent
00:21:17TOo_LaZy was top
00:21:21TOo_LaZy u think i didnt let them farm ?
00:21:26Seppo13 can We dot someting?
00:21:31TOo_LaZy go push
00:21:32livingde4th twr
00:21:33TOo_LaZy somethin?
00:21:33TOo_LaZy w
00:21:35Ckalle top
00:21:35TOo_LaZy i got ulti
00:21:43Ckalle guys
00:21:44Ckalle rly
00:21:44Seppo13 ff
00:21:48Ckalle tp scrolls
00:21:56Ckalle oh well
00:21:57Ckalle u win
00:21:57livingde4th aika turhaa laittaa veno midii :D
00:21:57Ckalle gg
00:22:06Ckalle best thing I could do tho imho
00:22:10TOo_LaZy imo not
00:22:12Lavos noh
00:22:13NotAHax Näh
00:22:14TOo_LaZy ATHER
00:22:14TOo_LaZy PUSH
00:22:18Seppo13 D:D:
00:22:18NotAHax you could still win
00:22:19livingde4th hi
00:22:22Ckalle No
00:22:26NotAHax yes
00:22:27NotAHax Yes
00:22:31Ckalle in no way could we win a straight-up game
00:22:37Ckalle Ur farm > mine
00:22:37TOo_LaZy for fuck sake
00:22:47Ckalle and how can my team hold up agains yours?
00:22:47TOo_LaZy I SAY GATHER
00:22:52livingde4th why veno mid lol useless
00:22:59livingde4th ench ould have raped mid
00:23:00Seppo13 go
00:23:01Seppo13 push
00:23:01Seppo13 mid
00:23:02Seppo13 and gg
00:23:03Ckalle Yeah, u say gather when they are pushing 2 lanes
00:23:05livingde4th and do somehting with items
00:23:08Ckalle u retarded fucking potato
00:23:12TOo_LaZy ffs
00:23:14TOo_LaZy can u fucking
00:23:15TOo_LaZy idiot
00:23:16TOo_LaZy be quet
00:23:17TOo_LaZy ang fo
00:23:43livingde4th vittu mitä lagia
00:23:44livingde4th huohhh
00:23:58Ckalle now twr mid
00:24:09TOo_LaZy feeding noob
00:24:10TOo_LaZy veno
00:24:11TOo_LaZy fuck
00:24:16livingde4th cent blademail and arcane boots gg
00:24:22Lavos nah
00:24:24Ckalle supposed to be funny?
00:24:38livingde4th what then
00:24:39livingde4th hot?
00:24:40Seppo13 ?:D
00:24:42Lavos treads and shit
00:24:47NotAHax vaik oisin juossu oisin kuollu
00:25:07TOo_LaZy b
00:25:16TOo_LaZy i said b
00:25:17TOo_LaZy omfg
00:25:40NotAHax i farm top
00:25:43TOo_LaZy AND PUSH
00:25:44livingde4th cent treadsit on tuhnut
00:25:47livingde4th paksin viahtoehto
00:25:49TOo_LaZy we cant push if we are not all and lack mana
00:25:50Jonnija stop raging lastpick
00:25:50TOo_LaZy and hp
00:25:58Ckalle u rly don't understand we have to def sides aswell?
00:25:58Lavos miks
00:26:01NotAHax en kyl näe treadseis mitää vikaa
00:26:01livingde4th nerffattu
00:26:02livingde4th etc
00:26:02Ckalle it's like
00:26:06Ckalle u play dota for the first time
00:26:07Lavos mjaa
00:26:11Lavos emmä cenaa osaa godlysti
00:26:13livingde4th no kai nyt manal tekee enemmä
00:26:14Lavos kunha pelaan
00:26:15TOo_LaZy wait until our sides
00:26:16TOo_LaZy push then
00:26:17TOo_LaZy and go mid
00:26:20livingde4th no ei sil ny nii suurta väliä
00:26:24livingde4th mut arcaneil vaa tuhoo
00:26:29Lavos 'jyyh
00:26:31Lavos pitää koittaa
00:26:33livingde4th tai bott sit jos tekee radin
00:26:42Jonnija kk tiny
00:26:43Jonnija has
00:26:44Jonnija a blink 2
00:26:48Ckalle ofc
00:26:49Seppo13 im basscreator dmdmdmdmomumumuumum
00:26:50TOo_LaZy ckalle worst capitan
00:26:51Ckalle it's min 21
00:27:05livingde4th oom
00:27:06NotAHax hes beter then me as jonnija said
00:27:11NotAHax so why whine
00:27:15livingde4th jakiro mana oots plz
00:27:16Lavos ty
00:27:20TOo_LaZy he cant even heal and push
00:27:22Jonnija lazy just failed toplane
00:27:22NotAHax rape
00:27:27Jonnija and is grumpy
00:27:50NotAHax joo-o
00:27:50NotAHax miks veno
00:27:53NotAHax tappakaa se vitun krobe
00:27:55Ckalle Well
00:27:58Ckalle Phase boots krobe
00:27:58livingde4th oom
00:28:00Ckalle gonna rape u all
00:28:03Ckalle liek NP
00:28:06livingde4th jakirol ei arcanei
00:28:07livingde4th en voit uhoo
00:28:10livingde4th ei riitä manat
00:28:11TOo_LaZy Lol
00:28:23TOo_LaZy phase boots bad n krobe?
00:28:27Ckalle ofc
00:28:28TOo_LaZy if wep ush fast ?
00:28:37Seppo13 oot vaan liian hyvä
00:28:41Ckalle especially if we push before u got items
00:28:49TOo_LaZy b
00:28:50TOo_LaZy all uop
00:28:59TOo_LaZy i knew that
00:29:16TOo_LaZy b
00:29:16TOo_LaZy b
00:29:16TOo_LaZy b
00:29:17TOo_LaZy b
00:29:17TOo_LaZy b
00:29:21TOo_LaZy HEAL AND GO
00:29:21TOo_LaZy %
00:29:22TOo_LaZy 5
00:29:23TOo_LaZy OMFG
00:29:24TOo_LaZy CAN WE?
00:29:24Lavos oom
00:29:28Bra~ -cs
00:29:29NotAHax we push
00:29:33NotAHax manaa
00:29:34NotAHax plz
00:29:35Ckalle can u SU?
00:29:36livingde4th cd
00:29:37NotAHax living
00:29:38Jonnija lazy we can
00:29:38NotAHax jk
00:29:39NotAHax kk
00:29:40Jonnija report u for not
00:29:42Jonnija getting
00:29:44Jonnija coruier
00:29:44Jonnija btw
00:29:47Ckalle oh
00:29:48Ckalle let's do that
00:29:51TOo_LaZy ...
00:29:52livingde4th huoh ku kukaa
00:29:53TOo_LaZy ok..
00:29:59livingde4th muu ei tee arcanei
00:30:03TOo_LaZy whatever
00:30:04NotAHax wlock tekee koht
00:30:23livingde4th jakirol paras item
00:30:29Lavos :D
00:30:31Lavos siin se juoksee
00:30:34NotAHax b
00:30:35NotAHax b
00:30:36NotAHax b
00:30:43livingde4th ei täs pusketailma manabootsei
00:30:44livingde4th huohh
00:30:50NotAHax wlockil o ny
00:30:51livingde4th ku no taas nyypät liikkeel
00:30:51NotAHax rauhotu
00:30:51makkara mul on
00:30:54TOo_LaZy whatever my cd is 100 sec
00:30:56Lavos hiekkaa pimpissä
00:30:58Bra~ I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:01Lavos tiny
00:31:01Ckalle I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:01Lavos rune
00:31:03livingde4th no kuka jaksaa idlaa
00:31:09livingde4th mikä rune
00:31:11Lavos illu
00:31:16TOo_LaZy b
00:31:16Jonnija ench was a bad pick tho noone can micro in gc
00:31:16TOo_LaZy b
00:31:17TOo_LaZy b
00:31:17TOo_LaZy b
00:31:22Ckalle ye
00:31:27Ckalle shoulda went techies instead
00:31:35Ckalle techies + KotL is nice push
00:31:45NotAHax huge dmg
00:31:47Jonnija :D
00:31:47Ckalle !
00:31:48TOo_LaZy b
00:32:07NotAHax tappakaa krobe
00:32:29NotAHax kuinka vitun paskoja te ootte
00:32:29livingde4th centaaa help meh
00:32:31NotAHax tappakaa se vitun krobe
00:32:32NotAHax mutta ei
00:32:35livingde4th no ei nuo tuu peräs
00:32:37NotAHax miks centa ei voi mennä
00:32:38livingde4th en jaksa idlaa
00:32:38NotAHax krobee
00:32:43livingde4th mä menin
00:32:46livingde4th mut ei tuu inffiä
00:32:46NotAHax niin vitun turhaa
00:32:48livingde4th ei tuu centaa
00:32:49TOo_LaZy lol they relaxed
00:32:54TOo_LaZy Look at my hp
00:32:54TOo_LaZy :D
00:33:01NotAHax yh nubs cant kill you
00:33:01livingde4th yeah cool
00:33:03livingde4th lets farm then
00:33:08NotAHax häviotään peli viel
00:33:09Lavos nappasin siitä ilmasen enchan
00:33:09livingde4th cos cent cant jump after me and inf
00:33:18NotAHax eihä encha ees kuolu
00:33:21NotAHax jos vaa tappaisit sen kroben
00:33:22Lavos no kuoli
00:33:22NotAHax niin voitas endaa peli
00:33:28Seppo13 i have more hp
00:33:31Seppo13 then krobe o.O
00:33:33TOo_LaZy its leet
00:33:39livingde4th no koitin instaa sen noitatohtorin
00:33:42livingde4th kuy se tekee lämää
00:33:42Jonnija i wish u
00:33:43Lavos noh focuun sitä sit
00:33:44Jonnija were
00:33:45NotAHax sinäkin brutus...
00:33:46livingde4th ja on heik
00:33:51Ckalle b?
00:33:53TOo_LaZy b
00:34:01NotAHax HOPI HOPI
00:34:02NotAHax HYPPÄÄ
00:34:04Ckalle b
00:34:13NotAHax voi jumalauta
00:34:36Seppo13 b
00:34:50TOo_LaZy i come with ulti
00:35:36Ckalle 2 inc behind I thinkl
00:35:36Seppo13 immmmmmmmmmmmmm basscreatorrrrrr dumpmpm
00:35:46NotAHax ..
00:35:48Jonnija :D
00:35:51livingde4th fail
00:36:01Jonnija was just about to charka when u hit me ...
00:36:12Ckalle why 1 by 1
00:36:15TOo_LaZy ..
00:36:26Ckalle hm got pipe
00:36:30Jonnija lol am has epic tank
00:37:24NotAHax öö
00:37:26livingde4th cd :(
00:37:28NotAHax miks oot theny blademaili :D?
00:37:34Lavos minä?
00:37:37NotAHax sinä just
00:37:39NotAHax oisit tehny vaa radi
00:37:46NotAHax atm me kustaa siihe ku ei oo damagee
00:38:01Jonnija I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:38:09Jonnija second loss in row...........
00:38:11Lavos ollu 2200 gp kokoaja ni kiinnosta venaa
00:38:14Lavos joku vartin
00:38:39Ckalle WD
00:38:43livingde4th mana
00:38:44Ckalle how about u join the team?
00:38:50Seppo13 i farm 1 time
00:38:51Seppo13 this game
00:38:51Seppo13 su
00:38:54Ckalle yeah
00:38:56livingde4th jakiro pahses lolololoolololl
00:38:57Jonnija 1 time?
00:38:57Jonnija wtf
00:38:59Jonnija ur farming
00:39:00Ckalle and u do it without TP scroll
00:39:00Jonnija all the time
00:39:03Bra~ -ii
00:39:07Smokeer y lol
00:39:09Seppo13 and
00:39:11Seppo13 hang over
00:39:13Ckalle regen in base
00:39:17Ckalle ffs
00:39:18Seppo13 xd
00:39:24Jonnija THIS IS SO SAD
00:39:27Seppo13 nää ragee :D:D:D
00:39:32Seppo13 isot meihet
00:39:37Seppo13 vähä tyyliin notahax
00:39:53NotAHax no en o osentää es jonne joka joka päivä esittää netis "omg lol kuinka krapula ku juin vähä
00:40:00Seppo13 :DD
00:40:05Seppo13 :DDD
00:40:06Ckalle well
00:40:10Ckalle mega fair teams are mega fair
00:40:12Seppo13 en ole koskaa sanonu tollasa
00:40:14NotAHax :DDD
00:40:16NotAHax joka päivä hertrelle
00:40:20Seppo13 niii
00:40:22NotAHax "volga volga" "vittu oin taas krapula ei pysty pelaa"
00:40:29Ckalle wtf
00:40:35Seppo13 on nytten krapula, hienostihan tää menee
00:40:38Seppo13 ja volga volga
00:40:39Ckalle hey nub
00:40:41NotAHax es krapula
00:40:41Seppo13 on paska inside läppä
00:40:44Ckalle ure violating quake net rules
00:40:54Ckalle what's the spam for?
00:41:00TOo_LaZy try push
00:41:00livingde4th now stygi and i rip their guts out
00:41:00Ckalle srsly
00:41:01TOo_LaZy mid
00:41:02TOo_LaZy all
00:41:05TOo_LaZy and ff
00:41:06Lavos manaz
00:41:06TOo_LaZy after
00:41:11livingde4th and medallion
00:41:17Lavos manax
00:41:17Seppo13 go
00:41:17TOo_LaZy ok ?
00:41:18Seppo13 mid?
00:41:20livingde4th cd
00:41:21TOo_LaZy go
00:41:22TOo_LaZy and ff afyer
00:41:32TOo_LaZy i got pipe
00:41:36Jonnija lol
00:41:36NotAHax go all midd
00:41:37NotAHax def
00:41:38Lavos wait
00:41:40Bra~ :))
00:41:41Ckalle ROFL
00:41:44Seppo13 ;p
00:41:44Ckalle 10 mins after me
00:41:45Jonnija lazy
00:41:46Jonnija ur
00:41:47Jonnija amazing
00:41:50Ckalle u get same non-stacking item
00:41:53TOo_LaZy lol
00:41:54TOo_LaZy i didnt see
00:41:54TOo_LaZy ;D
00:42:01Jonnija told
00:42:02Jonnija amazing
00:42:03makkara -ms
00:42:03Ckalle u dumb mofo
00:42:14livingde4th b
00:42:15NotAHax living4death
00:42:17livingde4th at base
00:42:17NotAHax me häviutää pusku sota
00:42:21TOo_LaZy go go go go go
00:42:25livingde4th so teletään kohta
00:42:34livingde4th nyt
00:42:49TOo_LaZy I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:42:57Seppo13 jeejee
00:42:58Seppo13 [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:42:58Seppo13 [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:42:58Seppo13 [DotA-GC] Game was won by Sentinel!
00:42:58Seppo13 [DotA-GC] Scourge must now wait near their fountain until Sentinel destroys the throne.
00:42:58Seppo13 I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:43:15Lavos hehheh
00:43:17makkara -ms
00:43:18Lavos ei tää blademail oo huono
00:43:23livingde4th ei todellakaa
00:43:24livingde4th just hyvä
00:43:27livingde4th noit vs
00:43:31Lavos keskel ja piikit pystyy
00:43:53Ckalle gg wp
00:43:55Lavos gg
00:44:03Jonnija this team system failed epicly
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