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-18 TS

82% | 1263 X | 1201 TS

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-18 TS

67% | 1090 X | 1144 TS

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Chat log

00:00:30Luza intresting game coming
00:00:33Luza 2 secounds lol
00:00:33Sepetos ok dont take pause off
00:00:33Sepetos too fast
00:00:33h0vSa moar bans
00:00:33Norrebro luza
00:00:33Norrebro we u lane
00:00:33Sepetos -storm
00:00:33Norrebro baby mid
00:00:33Luza yea we top
00:00:33Norrebro baby tager du mid?
00:00:33Luza -tinker
00:00:41Luza what we take lulz
00:00:56Sepetos ok
00:00:56Norrebro lol
00:00:57Luza awsum
00:00:58Luza :D
00:00:59Sepetos warlock to my lane
00:01:03Sepetos and someone imba solo mid
00:01:13Vilkuky go doom someone ?
00:01:13PinaryB show us some doom magic bknigh
00:01:14Sepetos take support
00:01:16h0vSa pause please
00:01:17Norrebro we both knew what role to pick
00:01:20h0vSa nvm
00:01:21Sepetos yea doom and warlock sounds nice
00:01:25Sepetos n2xy
00:01:29Sepetos u can solo mid or lich?
00:01:35SnakezZ i cant solo mid
00:01:36SnakezZ no way
00:01:36Sepetos centa midsolo sounds good
00:01:44Sepetos take krobe
00:01:45Sepetos KROBE
00:01:46The_13abyKnight im mid
00:01:50Vilkuky i switch
00:01:52Vilkuky with krobe
00:01:52Norrebro self min ven
00:01:59h0vSa -swap 4
00:01:59Vilkuky h0vsa want switch ?
00:02:01Vilkuky -swap 5
00:02:04The_13abyKnight thx wards
00:02:08Sepetos lich with me bot
00:02:09Vilkuky nice picks
00:02:10Sepetos centa mid
00:02:10Vilkuky lanes +
00:02:11Vilkuky ?
00:02:24Norrebro nice start :P
00:02:39Sepetos lich deny creep immediatly
00:02:48SnakezZ o
00:02:49SnakezZ k
00:02:51PinaryB -ma
00:03:06PinaryB dd
00:03:06Sepetos n2xy u can take return + stun
00:03:19N2xy k
00:03:20Sepetos just dont die to lock
00:03:34Sepetos pull
00:03:35Norrebro ss
00:03:35Luza boring game coming up -_-
00:03:49Norrebro why
00:04:01Luza baby swetting himself all kills and lasthits
00:04:22Luza waky
00:04:23Luza :DD
00:04:24Norrebro fail of me
00:04:30Norrebro sry
00:04:52Sepetos blast zeus
00:05:05SnakezZ next
00:05:12Vilkuky lich upgrae
00:05:15Vilkuky i need basi
00:05:38Vilkuky chick flyin
00:05:40SnakezZ i go pull if i can
00:05:44SnakezZ DId
00:05:49Luza now be ready when we agro
00:05:53Luza got sprint ?
00:06:00Norrebro y
00:06:35Luza :DDD
00:06:36Luza xD
00:06:41Luza almost fail
00:06:42Luza :D
00:06:47Sepetos gj
00:06:55SnakezZ 'u2
00:07:04Norrebro ¨'
00:07:14Norrebro kill the easist first luza :P
00:07:22Luza well euye
00:07:27Luza tought i went for krobe first
00:07:31Luza he might have silence
00:07:32Luza so
00:07:53Norrebro care
00:07:56Norrebro doom got lvl 5
00:07:59Luza go rege
00:08:04Norrebro y
00:08:07Luza ss doom
00:08:08Luza ss doom
00:08:12Norrebro re
00:08:13SnakezZ go zeus ?
00:08:14Luza re
00:08:33Vilkuky ss slard
00:08:53Vilkuky gj
00:08:56h0vSa y2
00:09:20Luza go for doom
00:09:26Norrebro ok
00:09:30Luza next
00:10:01SnakezZ guys top
00:10:03SnakezZ what up ?
00:10:04Norrebro gj bro
00:10:05Sepetos yea care
00:10:08h0vSa 2x stun
00:10:09Vilkuky slardar + lion
00:10:09Luza bro
00:10:10Luza luzabro
00:10:26Sepetos gj
00:10:37SnakezZ u2
00:10:46Sepetos pull
00:11:13Sepetos buy ward
00:11:17Sepetos there
00:11:17Luza go again
00:11:29Norrebro need mana
00:11:30PinaryB ss lich
00:11:38Luza go for who
00:11:41Norrebro doom
00:11:41Luza doom ye
00:12:07Luza wait
00:12:08Luza dont go
00:12:22Norrebro now
00:12:37Luza LETS GO
00:12:40Luza ALONE
00:13:05Luza -cs
00:13:24Norrebro ss
00:13:25Norrebro krob
00:13:28The_13abyKnight -.-
00:13:52Sepetos gotta make hood
00:13:59SnakezZ Shit :/
00:14:05SnakezZ i didnt saw him
00:14:32SnakezZ babyknight level 11
00:14:33SnakezZ ...
00:14:34SnakezZ nice
00:14:45Luza ss top
00:14:45Luza 2
00:15:09h0vSa lion miss
00:15:11h0vSa re
00:15:17Luza let me get arcane
00:15:19Luza 200
00:15:21Norrebro ok
00:15:24Luza <3
00:15:46Luza got it
00:16:08Luza lets go doom
00:16:09Luza if hecomes ..
00:16:12Norrebro yy
00:16:15Luza and
00:16:16Luza we could dive
00:16:23Luza lets go
00:16:43Luza whee
00:16:56The_13abyKnight naix lol
00:16:59fiddlewOw :(((((
00:17:21fiddlewOw what i must buy for naix
00:17:24The_13abyKnight boots
00:17:24The_13abyKnight :D
00:17:26Luza dno dagon
00:17:31SnakezZ soz auto attack
00:17:35The_13abyKnight treads armlet dagger
00:17:37Sepetos np
00:17:45fiddlewOw im doing vladimir
00:17:46fiddlewOw its bad
00:17:47fiddlewOw ?
00:17:49The_13abyKnight no
00:17:51Luza :D
00:17:51The_13abyKnight then do stygian
00:17:52The_13abyKnight aswell
00:18:03fiddlewOw ok
00:18:12Luza lets go
00:18:19Luza hmm
00:18:39Vilkuky push tower
00:18:40Vilkuky with ulti
00:18:44fiddlewOw 3 here
00:19:35Norrebro 3k
00:19:42Norrebro i go for mkb?
00:19:46Luza blink imo?
00:19:46Luza or
00:19:47Luza ?
00:19:48Luza ?
00:19:53fiddlewOw dd
00:19:58The_13abyKnight idiots
00:19:59The_13abyKnight really
00:20:04Luza shut up
00:20:05The_13abyKnight talking about items and how much money you have
00:20:07The_13abyKnight come help instead
00:20:08The_13abyKnight lol
00:20:12Norrebro was oom
00:20:14Norrebro so
00:20:24The_13abyKnight 105 and full hp and lion full mana
00:20:26The_13abyKnight come tank
00:21:14Luza or hmm
00:21:16Luza lich -_-
00:21:18Vilkuky you use ur ulti lucifer?
00:21:19Norrebro mana
00:21:22h0vSa yep
00:21:27Luza borrow ring
00:21:28Luza lolz
00:21:29Luza :D
00:21:30Sepetos go
00:22:02Sepetos that was bullshit
00:22:07SnakezZ yeah
00:22:08SnakezZ :/
00:22:09Sepetos u attacked wrong guys
00:22:12Sepetos why not lion and slard?
00:22:19SnakezZ I attacked them
00:22:27SnakezZ but then i was trying to slow babyknight
00:22:35Sepetos that wasnt very nice :/
00:22:47SnakezZ he would have done twice destruction
00:22:55SnakezZ if he were where you were ...
00:23:03Luza going for h00d
00:23:09Sepetos tower
00:23:11The_13abyKnight no
00:23:11Sepetos top :o
00:23:12The_13abyKnight ?!?!
00:23:14Luza YES
00:23:14The_13abyKnight get some hp
00:23:18Vilkuky kk
00:23:25Norrebro inc top
00:23:35Sepetos they all here :o
00:23:45N2xy 3 here
00:23:45h0vSa max 3
00:23:48Norrebro all miss
00:23:51Norrebro get em wards
00:24:44h0vSa im om
00:24:46Luza oh
00:24:46Vilkuky good job !
00:24:46The_13abyKnight we really
00:24:47The_13abyKnight need wards
00:24:48Vilkuky top tower
00:24:53Sepetos toptower
00:24:54Luza you are warlock with farm u get
00:24:55The_13abyKnight we could've won that
00:24:56The_13abyKnight if we had
00:25:35Luza gogo
00:25:46Luza gogog
00:26:23Norrebro lez go mid
00:26:24Sepetos got bf
00:26:25Sepetos :o
00:26:35Vilkuky b
00:26:52Luza care
00:27:20The_13abyKnight ff
00:27:23The_13abyKnight JUST GO
00:27:24The_13abyKnight NEXT TIME
00:27:28Vilkuky luza ime nyt
00:27:29The_13abyKnight I KNOW THEY HAVE LICH ULTI
00:27:30The_13abyKnight i go farm
00:27:33The_13abyKnight fuck this
00:27:36The_13abyKnight and u keep arguing with me
00:27:41The_13abyKnight just do it and we win
00:27:43The_13abyKnight don't argue
00:28:02Norrebro lol
00:28:06Sepetos where is centas blink
00:28:12Norrebro he think im paper
00:28:14N2xy warlock took it
00:28:19Sepetos dont bullshit me
00:28:21Sepetos wtf dude???
00:28:24N2xy with his good play
00:28:30Sepetos he cant be that good :DDD
00:28:32The_13abyKnight =hex
00:28:37Vilkuky he is that good.
00:28:38Norrebro kk
00:28:39N2xy better then my cent mid
00:29:03Luza spam zuuz
00:29:20Sepetos gang their woods?
00:29:23Sepetos and take some towers?
00:29:26Sepetos need all
00:29:54Vilkuky b
00:30:04Vilkuky b
00:30:07Vilkuky 3v5????
00:30:22Norrebro !
00:30:29Norrebro why u go withput us
00:30:36Vilkuky sepeli won this game
00:30:39Luza tought u were with me
00:30:41Vilkuky with lich
00:30:42Luza like always
00:30:42Luza <3
00:30:43N2xy ye
00:30:44SnakezZ :)
00:30:53N2xy i lost mid badöly
00:31:00Vilkuky -.-
00:31:06Sepetos we didnt lose bot :p
00:31:15h0vSa leave a troll in woods please
00:31:17h0vSa if you find 1
00:31:22N2xy oo
00:31:29SnakezZ guys game isnt over yet focus
00:31:35N2xy ineed
00:31:38N2xy indeed
00:31:43Vilkuky Snakezz you new here in gc?
00:31:48SnakezZ yeah
00:32:11Norrebro they like rats :D
00:32:19Norrebro ants
00:32:31Vilkuky Luza on vittuuntunut
00:32:41Luza nojaa
00:32:47Norrebro b
00:32:53Sepetos basher or mkb?
00:32:57Sepetos basher
00:32:58Sepetos sure
00:33:12Sepetos centa take blink from mid
00:33:14SnakezZ it is my 3rd game here
00:33:17N2xy k
00:33:36Vilkuky mine 340 something
00:33:49h0vSa zeus
00:34:09SnakezZ That was careless :/
00:34:09The_13abyKnight go
00:34:10The_13abyKnight rosh
00:34:11The_13abyKnight fast
00:34:14Norrebro y
00:34:16The_13abyKnight naix+slardar
00:34:18h0vSa wanted to be a blink beacon
00:34:22h0vSa but slardar came
00:34:23The_13abyKnight i tp asap
00:34:25Sepetos y
00:34:25Sepetos :o
00:34:29h0vSa kinda ruined it
00:34:34Sepetos without slardar would have killed em
00:34:37h0vSa yep
00:34:49Sepetos let me farm bot
00:34:50Norrebro who take
00:34:51The_13abyKnight they will doom me
00:34:51The_13abyKnight only
00:34:53h0vSa leave
00:34:55The_13abyKnight ..
00:34:56h0vSa troll
00:34:57h0vSa ...
00:34:57The_13abyKnight then tank
00:34:58The_13abyKnight next fight
00:34:59Sepetos he needs blink
00:35:01Norrebro yy
00:35:02Sepetos 100 moar
00:35:06Sepetos really
00:35:06The_13abyKnight go mid
00:35:07The_13abyKnight all
00:35:07h0vSa i need net
00:35:08Sepetos take it
00:35:13The_13abyKnight well
00:35:14The_13abyKnight zeus
00:35:15The_13abyKnight get some mana
00:35:16h0vSa tx
00:35:18Luza plant the wards
00:35:21Luza slard
00:35:23Luza or ive me
00:35:29The_13abyKnight come with me
00:35:43fiddlewOw what i buy now for naix?
00:35:43Luza i am
00:35:49fiddlewOw i have vlad and pt
00:35:58The_13abyKnight gogo
00:35:59SnakezZ come on
00:36:02Luza alkoks pelottaa
00:36:04Luza :DD
00:36:09Vilkuky ky
00:36:44Norrebro tank=
00:36:47The_13abyKnight ??
00:36:50The_13abyKnight not when we're 4
00:37:00Luza idd
00:37:01Luza im b
00:37:05The_13abyKnight ..
00:37:10Luza hardcore naix
00:37:10The_13abyKnight when i say go mid come mid
00:37:13SnakezZ push now ?
00:37:13fiddlewOw ok
00:37:16fiddlewOw i was at base
00:37:19fiddlewOw sry
00:37:19SnakezZ omw
00:37:23Sepetos ill get
00:37:34Sepetos lifesteal
00:37:39The_13abyKnight omw
00:37:51Luza I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:38:26The_13abyKnight OM G
00:38:27The_13abyKnight MORE MISS
00:38:33Sepetos go rax
00:38:33Sepetos krobe
00:38:34h0vSa go with ulti
00:38:35h0vSa krobe
00:38:36Norrebro he bashed me to death..
00:38:38The_13abyKnight y
00:38:39The_13abyKnight me2
00:38:43The_13abyKnight and i missed all my hits almost
00:39:07Luza vladimir AND HELM OF DOMI
00:39:14The_13abyKnight naix..
00:39:15Luza awsome
00:39:15The_13abyKnight i said
00:39:18The_13abyKnight if u get vladi get stygian
00:39:22The_13abyKnight why u go for more lifesteal
00:39:25fiddlewOw ok
00:39:26The_13abyKnight u have 3 lifesteals
00:39:27The_13abyKnight lol
00:39:29Luza he wanna be hardcore
00:39:30The_13abyKnight DON'T GET STYG NOW
00:39:30fiddlewOw stygian desolator?
00:39:31Sepetos i sell hod soon
00:39:33Sepetos and blkb
00:39:33The_13abyKnight not now
00:39:35fiddlewOw ok
00:39:37The_13abyKnight omg
00:39:43Sepetos go gang
00:39:43The_13abyKnight get cuirass
00:39:44Sepetos krobe
00:39:45Sepetos just silence
00:39:46fiddlewOw ok
00:39:52Norrebro go the,m
00:39:54The_13abyKnight omw
00:40:24SnakezZ Really bad fight
00:40:25SnakezZ ..
00:40:28Sepetos yea
00:40:32The_13abyKnight go mid
00:40:32Sepetos silence went only to naix
00:40:33Sepetos :/
00:40:35The_13abyKnight gj all
00:40:37Sepetos u could wait a bit
00:40:38Vilkuky y
00:40:38SnakezZ We didnt have tanks there
00:40:40Luza ty
00:40:53Luza pa bought!
00:40:56The_13abyKnight y
00:41:27Sepetos too imba
00:41:40The_13abyKnight b
00:41:41Sepetos need that bkb :o
00:41:43The_13abyKnight that ws pretty good
00:42:00Norrebro soon mkb
00:42:07Sepetos or aegis
00:42:08Sepetos :o
00:42:08Norrebro for this pa
00:42:10N2xy ok.. lets def then
00:42:11The_13abyKnight well
00:42:15The_13abyKnight what about stygian then
00:42:15N2xy lets wait yourbkb
00:42:16Sepetos they got 2 guinsoo?
00:42:33The_13abyKnight it overwrites stygian
00:42:41PinaryB why, its not orb
00:42:42The_13abyKnight turn true strike on only for pa then
00:42:44Sepetos u could doom lock if u can fast
00:42:46Norrebro y
00:42:48Sepetos cause he cant use guinsoo
00:42:49The_13abyKnight it does
00:42:51h0vSa Y
00:42:52Sepetos others can b silenced
00:42:53h0vSa y
00:43:31Luza care mid imo
00:43:34SnakezZ -apm
00:43:35The_13abyKnight all together
00:43:37The_13abyKnight and we can fight
00:43:39Luza need
00:43:39The_13abyKnight easily
00:43:40Luza slardar
00:43:41Vilkuky -apm
00:43:41Sepetos -apm
00:43:41Luza slardYYY
00:43:46Norrebro inc
00:43:46Vilkuky -clear
00:44:12Sepetos so bad
00:44:45Luza gogo srape
00:44:48h0vSa B
00:45:02Sepetos b
00:45:05Sepetos plz
00:45:08Sepetos rosh up
00:45:10Sepetos we could use that
00:45:11Sepetos :o
00:45:12SnakezZ Really my bad
00:45:14The_13abyKnight he very fast
00:45:14The_13abyKnight ^_^
00:45:16Vilkuky miks aina ultaat mut ?
00:45:18Luza not
00:45:23The_13abyKnight :O
00:45:26Vilkuky vaikka ois alle 100 hp
00:45:28Sepetos plz
00:45:33Luza hate
00:45:33The_13abyKnight gj
00:45:37The_13abyKnight rosh up again
00:45:37Sepetos how can u all die still
00:45:39The_13abyKnight go in a sec
00:45:47The_13abyKnight naix
00:45:48Sepetos come
00:45:50The_13abyKnight go rosh with slard
00:45:50fiddlewOw going
00:45:50Sepetos lets go fast
00:45:52The_13abyKnight <3
00:45:53Sepetos slard going
00:45:53fiddlewOw yes
00:46:09Norrebro it works
00:46:22Vilkuky omw
00:46:24The_13abyKnight hm
00:46:26Norrebro i take?=
00:46:26The_13abyKnight that's odd
00:46:26The_13abyKnight sure
00:46:26The_13abyKnight stygian+skadi doesn't work, not even on ranged heroes
00:46:26The_13abyKnight well that's nice
00:46:26Sepetos thats bad
00:46:26Luza chajajajaja
00:46:39The_13abyKnight go mid all
00:47:07Luza came waiting for players?
00:47:08Luza and me?
00:47:13The_13abyKnight y
00:47:21Sepetos imo base
00:47:21Luza wierd fuckin shit
00:47:29Vilkuky dont jump too early
00:48:03Norrebro i go?
00:48:05The_13abyKnight y
00:48:06Luza kkk
00:48:09Sepetos who has aegis
00:48:10Sepetos :o
00:48:12Vilkuky slad
00:48:12N2xy slard
00:48:13h0vSa slrad
00:48:14Sepetos k
00:48:53Norrebro b
00:48:54Norrebro me
00:48:59Norrebro b
00:49:00The_13abyKnight wait
00:49:25Sepetos fuckin guinsoos
00:49:26Sepetos def bot
00:49:30The_13abyKnight XD
00:49:38Vilkuky slardar fucking 5 hp..
00:49:49Luza 3 dead
00:49:51Luza including pa
00:49:51Norrebro im b for sure
00:50:22Sepetos good
00:50:24Sepetos no raxes gone
00:50:26Sepetos and they had aegis
00:50:35Sepetos and i didnt have bkb
00:50:36The_13abyKnight nice again next time we get rax
00:50:47Sepetos wards up
00:50:53N2xy get that bkb soon. :D
00:50:55Sepetos yea
00:51:08Sepetos should i sell hood anyways :O
00:51:12Sepetos or after i get too many items
00:51:15Norrebro 200 bkb
00:51:22h0vSa they still got lion and zeus
00:51:24Vilkuky risky
00:51:28Luza omw wl
00:51:30h0vSa b
00:51:44Vilkuky care
00:51:48The_13abyKnight scarytown
00:51:52The_13abyKnight need all
00:51:52SnakezZ CHANCE
00:51:57Norrebro inc
00:52:10Luza aww g0d
00:52:11The_13abyKnight lol
00:52:22Vilkuky wut was that
00:52:22The_13abyKnight if we were ready that would've been an awesome go
00:52:24The_13abyKnight but we weren't
00:52:25Luza get back
00:52:26h0vSa no idea
00:52:39Luza i got pipe
00:52:43The_13abyKnight k
00:52:50Sepetos ill go
00:52:51Sepetos def
00:52:54Norrebro bkb here
00:52:55Sepetos then got bkb
00:52:57N2xy ok
00:52:59Luza def
00:53:21Sepetos got it
00:53:25Luza they just farming
00:53:27Luza we should push
00:53:29SnakezZ -apm
00:53:32Vilkuky -apm
00:53:35h0vSa -apm
00:53:40Sepetos mmm
00:53:48The_13abyKnight come
00:53:51The_13abyKnight :3
00:54:17The_13abyKnight doomed
00:54:18The_13abyKnight sec
00:54:23Luza fuck
00:54:49Luza ghost would be pretty awsome
00:54:51Sepetos fuck this
00:55:00The_13abyKnight yes
00:55:00Vilkuky why go like that ?
00:55:02Vilkuky others behind
00:55:03The_13abyKnight was nice that zeus had it
00:55:08The_13abyKnight gogo
00:55:19Sepetos tried to hit zeus down
00:55:20Sepetos he had that
00:55:25Sepetos greenshitscrepetr
00:55:47h0vSa zeus ulti ;D
00:56:36The_13abyKnight rosh up again
00:56:41Sepetos gj
00:57:00Luza ulti ze
00:57:08Sepetos rosh up? :o
00:57:19Sepetos what chase
00:57:50Sepetos is it :o
00:57:55Sepetos should i save bo now
00:57:56Luza take it
00:57:57Luza roshan
00:57:59The_13abyKnight :1
00:58:03Vilkuky y
00:58:07Luza slard
00:58:28Norrebro i dont take this time
00:58:29SnakezZ wanna go put eyes ?
00:58:35The_13abyKnight mimi
00:58:36Luza i can take cheese
00:58:38Sepetos damn it
00:58:44The_13abyKnight y
00:58:49N2xy these roshans ruin our game ;S
00:58:53The_13abyKnight gogo
00:58:54Sepetos y :/
00:59:01Vilkuky no rosh ward
00:59:09Sepetos who should i take first down
00:59:11Sepetos lion naix
00:59:13Sepetos slar
00:59:19N2xy slard
00:59:20N2xy i think
00:59:21SnakezZ Lion Slard
00:59:45Luza pa taking top tower
01:00:02Luza he taking rax
01:00:26Norrebro im dead
01:01:13Luza pewpewpew
01:01:16Luza JOO
01:01:26Luza =(
01:01:37The_13abyKnight ill get an mkb too i guess
01:01:38The_13abyKnight fucking pa
01:01:39The_13abyKnight TT
01:01:47Sepetos anyone ac?
01:01:50h0vSa almost
01:01:52h0vSa only need recipe
01:01:53Sepetos good
01:02:02Luza ei pääse mumblee se o täyn
01:02:10Norrebro i was doomed asap
01:02:11Sepetos /:
01:02:13PinaryB i make bkb too?
01:02:20The_13abyKnight mkb? no
01:02:22The_13abyKnight bkb? no :D
01:02:26Luza :D:D:D:D
01:02:26Sepetos ward it up
01:02:30PinaryB mkb i meant :D
01:02:34The_13abyKnight ^^
01:02:38SnakezZ the map :P
01:02:43Luza imma get ma ghost
01:02:51SnakezZ spotted
01:02:53Sepetos come bot all
01:03:05Sepetos im coming there
01:03:10The_13abyKnight tower gone
01:03:11The_13abyKnight can go mid
01:03:28Sepetos can bo
01:03:30Sepetos 1 or 2 times
01:03:32Vilkuky mkb warlock
01:03:33N2xy warlock is quite strong
01:03:36N2xy ye
01:03:36The_13abyKnight Oo
01:03:41The_13abyKnight TT
01:03:51Sepetos armor
01:03:51Sepetos centa
01:03:52Sepetos lich
01:03:53Sepetos and krobe
01:03:55The_13abyKnight me and goul are one
01:03:56The_13abyKnight :3
01:03:59Luza i see
01:04:02h0vSa go
01:04:06Luza sum wierd fetish
01:04:07h0vSa nvm
01:04:09The_13abyKnight go mid
01:04:10Luza you have
01:04:13Vilkuky they need to be in stack
01:04:15Vilkuky to my ulti
01:04:53Norrebro heal me
01:05:17SnakezZ I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:05:18Vilkuky 30g for bo
01:06:03SnakezZ pfff at least i tried :P
01:06:31The_13abyKnight longest
01:06:34The_13abyKnight stiffling dagger
01:06:35The_13abyKnight Oo
01:06:38Luza =|
01:07:09PinaryB -ii
01:07:16Luza is it possible to put ghost scepter on while im TPing
01:07:22The_13abyKnight no
01:07:32Norrebro first ghost then tp
01:07:35Luza yy
01:07:41The_13abyKnight no
01:07:45The_13abyKnight ghost effect wears off
01:07:48The_13abyKnight when tping
01:07:52Norrebro o
01:07:52Sepetos blah
01:07:54Sepetos wards
01:07:55Luza oh
01:07:58Luza so it doesnt work at all
01:08:02The_13abyKnight nop :(
01:08:19N2xy rosh is up?
01:08:21PinaryB i ge tguinsoo?
01:08:31The_13abyKnight donno
01:08:32PinaryB to we have 2 already?
01:08:32The_13abyKnight buy something
01:08:34The_13abyKnight we go win now
01:08:42The_13abyKnight bot
01:08:45The_13abyKnight BoT
01:09:30Sepetos ROSH
01:09:34The_13abyKnight no room
01:09:38Luza yeah
01:09:43N2xy we are too slow :S
01:09:43Luza no room indeed
01:09:46The_13abyKnight kinda useless :D
01:09:50Sepetos kill them here
01:09:57The_13abyKnight ok let's go
01:09:58The_13abyKnight come naix!
01:10:36Vilkuky I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:10:36Vilkuky I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:10:38Vilkuky !ff
01:10:48SnakezZ I surrender!
01:10:54h0vSa I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:10:56Vilkuky I surrender!
01:11:00h0vSa I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:11:03Vilkuky ?????
01:11:07SnakezZ !ff
01:11:12Vilkuky I surrender!
01:11:13Vilkuky I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
01:11:14Vilkuky !ff
01:11:17Sepetos armor me
01:11:18Vilkuky new system?
01:11:30Vilkuky Babyknight = autowin...
01:11:32The_13abyKnight gg
01:11:38SnakezZ ...
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