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83% | 1242 X | 1560 TS

+35 X
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68% | 1196 X | 1427 TS

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60% | 1131 X | 1383 TS

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48% | 1071 X | 1323 TS

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-8 TS

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23% | 955 X | 1252 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Planktoni ban morph
00:00:18mrk what
00:00:18livingde4th is phoenix nerfd enough?
00:00:18mrk yeh
00:00:18Planktoni alche any?
00:00:18Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:18mrk only good agaisnt people who dont know him
00:00:18livingde4th alche stronger?
00:00:18Gevomancer neh
00:00:18livingde4th phoenx how its nerfd?
00:00:18Gevomancer nerfed
00:00:18Gevomancer :D
00:00:18Planktoni dunno
00:00:18livingde4th alche?
00:00:18Gevomancer ulti weaker
00:00:18mrk alche is annoying as ever
00:00:18livingde4th ban alche
00:00:18Planktoni k
00:00:28Gevomancer doom:P
00:00:30livingde4th take doom?
00:00:30Gevomancer is there
00:00:37mrk i could swap
00:00:41livingde4th plz tak
00:00:43Janske wich heros banned? was latte
00:00:45livingde4th its strong vs storm
00:00:50mrk someone swap me
00:00:50livingde4th alche banned
00:00:50Gevomancer morph alce
00:00:54livingde4th and morph
00:01:00svents morph banned
00:01:03Janske k
00:01:03mrk or
00:01:05mrk no
00:01:29mrk aa rhasta
00:01:30livingde4th cm obs?
00:01:33Planktoni aa phoenix
00:01:37Planktoni would be nice
00:01:39livingde4th nice picking ppl
00:01:41mrk cm bot
00:01:52mrk rhasta?
00:01:54mrk lesh?
00:01:59Gevomancer nova bite aura aura
00:02:02PinaryB -ma
00:02:21mrk wow
00:02:25mrk an actual lastpick
00:02:29Janske fu
00:02:30mrk who doesnt take miracle trax or medusa
00:02:41mrk that's a good thing
00:02:44Janske :P
00:02:47livingde4th tc
00:02:50ATS_ y
00:02:51livingde4th come check rune with me
00:02:55livingde4th doom check rune
00:03:09mrk ill leave it
00:03:12livingde4th k
00:03:14Gevomancer k
00:03:17Gevomancer -ms
00:05:55livingde4th invis still there?
00:05:59mrk shouldbe
00:06:00Planktoni ss mid
00:06:16Planktoni share
00:06:20livingde4th i come gank with it
00:06:22livingde4th lets kill
00:06:27livingde4th cm doom
00:06:30Planktoni mid missing
00:06:56livingde4th get hawk plz
00:06:58livingde4th for that fb
00:07:15livingde4th doom?
00:07:19mrk come
00:07:19mrk cm
00:07:20Janske storm
00:07:23mrk ma instan
00:07:23Janske fast gank
00:07:23mrk aa
00:07:24mrk tule
00:07:28livingde4th ss
00:07:29mrk tule kohe
00:07:31Janske here
00:07:35svents ss2
00:07:37mrk saad cube sise
00:07:39mrk siis korras
00:07:51livingde4th i just ganked bot
00:07:53livingde4th need lvl
00:07:55livingde4th lost exp
00:08:12Gevomancer pff
00:08:19livingde4th doom ffs
00:08:21livingde4th buy hawk
00:08:22livingde4th need it
00:08:25livingde4th u got uber farm
00:08:33livingde4th ty
00:09:02Janske gotta open my eyes
00:09:11Gevomancer true that
00:09:19AdemC up the chick ..
00:09:23AdemC and get more wards
00:09:25AdemC and gang plzz
00:09:34ATS_ ¨ss
00:09:52livingde4th gj
00:09:55mrk aa still4
00:09:56AdemC go rhasta
00:10:25livingde4th ss
00:11:20livingde4th rune down
00:11:50mrk ära sure all
00:11:51mrk tpn
00:11:57livingde4th ss
00:11:58Gevomancer kk
00:12:03Janske coming bot
00:12:16ATS_ ss 2
00:12:21mrk eioot
00:12:23Gevomancer wait
00:12:23mrk b
00:12:24mrk wait
00:12:28mrk when their 6
00:12:30mrk they're
00:12:37livingde4th could someone buy me a tp
00:12:39livingde4th i buy back
00:12:41livingde4th when i got gold
00:12:47livingde4th plz
00:12:56ATS_ did
00:12:57livingde4th ty
00:13:15ATS_ ss
00:13:31mrk get
00:13:32mrk spec
00:13:33mrk 6
00:13:39Planktoni ss many
00:13:41PinaryB ss bot
00:14:10AdemC help all top
00:14:10ATS_ warded
00:14:19Gevomancer go
00:14:45mrk storm
00:14:50livingde4th oom
00:15:16ATS_ doom pihalla kuin lumiukko
00:15:47Janske hah
00:15:54Janske b?
00:15:57Janske hell ye
00:16:09mrk wl
00:16:16ATS_ why
00:16:19ATS_ you
00:16:22ATS_ did
00:16:24ATS_ not wait
00:16:44livingde4th it made no sence
00:16:46livingde4th are u morons
00:16:50livingde4th im stupid that i help u
00:16:54livingde4th u saw there is 4
00:16:55Janske I said b
00:16:56livingde4th ?
00:17:04livingde4th i was also going to say but u went in
00:17:26livingde4th 'rhasta let me
00:17:27livingde4th plz
00:17:29Janske y
00:17:33Janske tower
00:17:35Gevomancer aww
00:17:51ATS_ warded
00:18:00Planktoni get mid
00:18:31livingde4th gj rhasta
00:18:36Janske what?
00:18:58Planktoni ty
00:19:02Janske can't really tell when some1 is speaking ironically here -.-
00:19:09livingde4th let me dd
00:19:10livingde4th need it
00:19:12Janske so sad place
00:19:42livingde4th tc
00:19:44livingde4th i needed that dd
00:19:45livingde4th aww
00:19:55Gevomancer hes name is ats
00:19:58Gevomancer get it?
00:20:00Gevomancer :D
00:20:01livingde4th no
00:20:35livingde4th def mid
00:20:36livingde4th plz
00:20:57ATS_ destroy
00:21:01mrk cd
00:21:02mrk tp
00:21:07livingde4th cm god estroy
00:21:09livingde4th i neef farm
00:21:52livingde4th lol ats
00:23:09ATS_ invi
00:23:20ATS_ lol living
00:23:24livingde4th y too slow
00:23:29livingde4th wnated nuke him a bit
00:23:31livingde4th then ult
00:23:33livingde4th but alrdy silence
00:23:36livingde4th we need obs
00:23:37livingde4th mid
00:23:40livingde4th or rune
00:23:54livingde4th doom going radi?
00:23:59mrk still thinking
00:24:18mrk lol how random
00:24:19ATS_ b
00:24:21mrk got blocked by 4spawn
00:24:25livingde4th dude u should use ur spells when u die
00:24:25mrk and it rans into them
00:24:39mrk should i wait till relic?
00:24:44mrk cos we have noone to dmg
00:24:45livingde4th y
00:25:08N2xy inv top
00:25:36Planktoni devc
00:25:39Planktoni def
00:25:45livingde4th aww
00:25:48livingde4th why autoattack
00:25:52ATS_ lol
00:25:55Janske ahaha
00:25:56Janske wards
00:25:59Janske fuck
00:26:14AdemC all mid
00:26:15AdemC gogogog
00:26:20mrk care
00:26:33livingde4th no
00:26:35livingde4th cm
00:26:43livingde4th go od
00:26:46livingde4th igot invis
00:26:54Planktoni move with 5
00:27:59livingde4th lol spectre :(
00:28:21mrk dunno
00:29:28Gevomancer vittu
00:29:41mrk ats?
00:29:53livingde4th soon hex
00:29:53Gevomancer failbob
00:29:54mrk you were 5 seconds late
00:29:55livingde4th just need void
00:29:58AdemC go with my ulti
00:30:05Planktoni b
00:30:08Planktoni b
00:30:13Planktoni need rege
00:30:27ATS_ hiljaa ravunsyötit
00:30:36Janske go
00:30:43Planktoni kill
00:30:47mrk bmid
00:30:57ATS_ lets kill
00:31:03ATS_ soon
00:31:16Planktoni b
00:31:17livingde4th reuse hawk
00:31:20Planktoni they got vision
00:32:46livingde4th heex
00:32:55Planktoni wards in our woods
00:33:04ATS_ check
00:33:18mrk they have ward
00:33:26Planktoni b
00:33:28Planktoni invi doom
00:33:39Planktoni heal
00:33:54mrk b
00:34:03livingde4th omw
00:34:04livingde4th wait me
00:34:07Janske thrall first
00:34:10Janske plz
00:34:26livingde4th ok i can focus thrall
00:34:38ATS_ wait
00:34:39ATS_ wait
00:34:49Planktoni b
00:34:51Planktoni 'need wl
00:35:10AdemC 7 wards i had 2 buy ... why ??
00:35:20livingde4th oi ight jump
00:36:12mrk gevo...
00:36:15Planktoni lol
00:36:20Planktoni destroyer and aa
00:36:24Gevomancer yea i know
00:36:24mrk 1hit puudu aga ikka toterdad ees
00:36:26mrk :D
00:36:28Gevomancer :D
00:36:39Gevomancer mul nii aeglane ms
00:36:40Gevomancer :D
00:36:41Gevomancer mis teha
00:36:51mrk tõmbad kiirematelt eest ära
00:36:54mrk paremasse ritta
00:36:55Gevomancer -ms
00:36:58Gevomancer 340
00:36:59Gevomancer imba
00:37:00mrk -ms
00:37:00Gevomancer :D
00:37:02ATS_ rylais build?
00:37:07Gevomancer bkb
00:37:14ATS_ why
00:37:18Gevomancer 4 ulti
00:37:21Planktoni care woods
00:37:28ATS_ lol
00:37:33ATS_ we have pipe
00:37:38Gevomancer and?
00:37:39mrk good to know
00:37:48ATS_ dagger better
00:37:56ATS_ and ultistaff
00:38:01Gevomancer i dont need your advise:D
00:38:02mrk -ms
00:38:03Planktoni b
00:38:16mrk omw
00:38:40mrk -ms
00:40:26AdemC gj
00:40:31mrk -ms
00:40:36Gevomancer 10 oli bkb-st puudu
00:40:37Gevomancer .D
00:40:58livingde4th doom imo ac
00:41:01mrk ye
00:41:09livingde4th or vladi
00:41:09Gevomancer imo wards
00:41:14Gevomancer and gg
00:41:17Janske wheret o place?
00:41:18Janske wards
00:41:19Janske got em
00:41:25Gevomancer i mean, your wards
00:41:30Gevomancer there
00:41:32Gevomancer and gg
00:41:33Gevomancer :D
00:41:38Janske lol ok
00:41:42Gevomancer lets go
00:41:45Gevomancer no tower
00:41:48Gevomancer easy
00:41:57ATS_ b
00:42:00Planktoni go all
00:42:28livingde4th need 5
00:42:33livingde4th b mid
00:42:39Janske go bot?
00:42:43livingde4th b mid
00:42:44livingde4th ffs
00:42:51Janske y
00:43:10N2xy i def mid
00:43:11Gevomancer ouch
00:43:11N2xy got jult
00:43:18Planktoni yy
00:43:44livingde4th sick aura doom
00:43:49livingde4th +50m dmg
00:43:58livingde4th b
00:43:59livingde4th i def
00:44:05Gevomancer lets just end it
00:44:08Gevomancer shall we
00:44:18Planktoni gang mid
00:44:20livingde4th ok we should try but its not that easy
00:44:22livingde4th they got hexes
00:44:27livingde4th need entrys
00:44:28Gevomancer wer got rhasta ulti
00:44:29livingde4th or roshan
00:44:30Gevomancer 4 rax
00:44:55Planktoni lol
00:44:57Planktoni almost
00:44:58svents I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:45:13AdemC dont go without me
00:46:31Planktoni I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:46:40ATS_ 3more
00:46:41livingde4th let me
00:46:41livingde4th plz
00:46:44Gevomancer yeye
00:46:56Planktoni kill
00:47:01Planktoni strom away
00:47:08mrk osta dagger pigem
00:47:09Gevomancer mana
00:47:13mrk sisse bkb 16 ulti
00:47:31Gevomancer gg on juba, suva:D
00:47:42mrk tõmbaksid ultra kohe
00:47:46mrk ja kui ei siis keegi teine
00:47:48mrk sest cm on imba
00:48:21Gevomancer aww
00:48:29Gevomancer lets gather and go top
00:48:34Gevomancer and its over
00:48:37AdemC should have picked carry :D
00:48:45N2xy where is chicken?
00:48:49N2xy nvm
00:48:52Janske why not bot?
00:49:11mrk cos bot kills itself
00:49:32Janske ok
00:49:53livingde4th wait me?
00:49:54ATS_ wait storm
00:49:54Planktoni got 2x hex already btw
00:51:38Gevomancer madskillz
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