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Chat log

00:00:08Planktoni tinker sniper pit
00:00:10aRkker bs wr tc
00:00:14Herre bane, rexar, viper
00:00:21Planktoni i can go tinker mid
00:00:23Shades phoenix . Far Seer , Phantom lancer.
00:00:32Shades -clear
00:00:38Planktoni wankmaster ok?
00:00:40Shades -ii
00:00:44Planktoni if i go mid with tinker
00:00:49Shades -clear
00:00:51valiante can i storm?
00:00:56valiante anyone want omni or lion?
00:00:59WANKmaster sure
00:01:01Planktoni k
00:01:05Shades -clear
00:01:07Wormik what u got for me ?
00:01:07valiante can i wr
00:01:11valiante omni lion clinkz
00:01:16Wormik eww :S
00:01:17aRkker am really bad with all of those
00:01:18Wormik sry man
00:01:21valiante hmm
00:01:22WANKmaster cm come top
00:01:22valiante even lion
00:01:24valiante arkker
00:01:25valiante im sick wr
00:01:28aRkker especially lion
00:01:34aRkker well, if you insist
00:01:37Herre feenix
00:01:38Herre chicken
00:01:43Shades y
00:01:45valiante u better with omni?=
00:01:48aRkker hell no
00:01:50valiante storm
00:01:52valiante go top
00:01:53aRkker go lion
00:01:54valiante -swap
00:01:55aRkker -swap 1
00:01:56valiante -swap 3
00:02:10valiante guys
00:02:11valiante all of u
00:02:12valiante get hoods
00:02:20valiante rylai + mass spellers
00:02:30Shades -clear
00:02:35WANKmaster herre mee pulla
00:02:55Wormik let me mby?
00:03:02Shades lvl 2go
00:03:07aRkker not my fault if you fail to lasthit from lion :-D
00:03:15AdemC pull?
00:03:15valiante its ok
00:04:08AdemC harass
00:04:24AdemC haras bitch
00:04:27trujaxe stfu
00:04:30aRkker mind your manners
00:04:34AdemC and let me farm
00:05:17AdemC he see them harassing me he farm
00:05:22Shades items to phoenix?
00:05:27Planktoni 'sss mid
00:05:29Planktoni care top
00:05:33valiante omw
00:05:36Planktoni b
00:05:58valiante yey
00:05:59valiante missclick
00:06:07WANKmaster kinda missing mi
00:06:07WANKmaster d
00:06:23Planktoni coming bot
00:06:24valiante miss tinker
00:06:29Herre tapame
00:06:38valiante b
00:07:02valiante im FUCKNIG TELLING U
00:07:04valiante u fucking noob wanker
00:07:09aRkker mind your manners
00:07:10trujaxe hahaha nerd ragew
00:07:14trujaxe fucking lolled
00:07:15aRkker but seriously
00:07:15valiante k
00:07:18valiante will do
00:07:19aRkker you were told
00:07:21aRkker 2 times
00:07:44AdemC b
00:07:49Planktoni care wr
00:08:23Shades items to phoenix mates?
00:08:26Planktoni wards pls
00:08:29Herre vanguard hood
00:08:30Planktoni vanguard
00:08:32Shades ok ty
00:08:35AdemC ss 2
00:08:41Wormik bane miss
00:08:49Shades both vangaurd hood?
00:08:50valiante rdy?
00:08:52Planktoni care top
00:08:53Herre yep
00:08:54Shades ok
00:08:55Planktoni mid ss
00:08:56aRkker y
00:09:35aRkker sigh...
00:09:41valiante they all ahve tps lol
00:09:46aRkker and from us none has
00:09:51valiante this rhasta
00:09:55valiante is dumb
00:10:02aRkker its a lastpick, what did you expect
00:10:03trujaxe no dude u just got no life
00:10:13Planktoni coming bot
00:10:20trujaxe crying baby
00:10:25Herre tsay
00:10:28valiante u cant read miss?
00:10:39valiante analphabet
00:11:04valiante iomw
00:11:57Shades go
00:12:17trujaxe tower mid
00:12:24AdemC take rune
00:12:25valiante rune
00:12:53trujaxe i knew it..
00:12:58trujaxe but had to act as "boss" says
00:13:07trujaxe i saw tinker going there
00:13:19aRkker I love the towers in this shittymost game of all time...
00:14:29valiante die
00:14:33Planktoni :(
00:14:45Shades top=?
00:14:45valiante b top lion
00:14:45valiante i mean storm
00:14:46valiante storm
00:14:47valiante b
00:15:02Shades fix.
00:15:02WANKmaster herre watup with arkker?
00:15:02valiante take of ur shades and well talk
00:15:08aRkker "fix" stfu man
00:15:20Shades stfu?
00:15:29Shades want ban?
00:15:34valiante hes admin
00:15:34valiante haha
00:15:35aRkker yes sir, go ahead
00:15:38Shades i dont care.
00:15:40valiante fucking idiot
00:15:51valiante love these new guys coming with multi accounts
00:15:52Shades bad admin really.
00:15:59valiante go!
00:16:05aRkker 'tis not multi account
00:16:22Planktoni gj phoenix
00:16:25Shades ty
00:16:27Planktoni saved my ass
00:16:50valiante -.-
00:16:56valiante cant really help with 30 hp
00:17:04aRkker I know, I didn't realize that bane would still have his ulti
00:18:17WANKmaster OH PLZ
00:18:22Shades why not back??
00:18:33WANKmaster i wanted to kill that nigger
00:19:23Shades stay
00:19:24Shades close
00:19:37Shades go
00:19:47valiante dont
00:19:49valiante not that way
00:20:42trujaxe lets take some towers
00:20:53valiante all top
00:20:54valiante slark just farms
00:20:57valiante he wins this for us late
00:21:04valiante go storm
00:21:31AdemC Wtf
00:21:47WANKmaster plant those wards
00:21:47trujaxe i wont ward
00:21:48AdemC megalagspikes there
00:21:55Planktoni Same here
00:21:57Shades gank
00:22:10aRkker sorry I acidentally kicked the server over
00:22:22valiante rhast
00:22:25valiante can u do wards pls?
00:22:32trujaxe for mid tower perhaps
00:22:34MassaMies rege
00:22:35valiante storm get hood first
00:22:44AdemC thx
00:22:49Shades all mid
00:22:51Shades gank
00:23:05Wormik wont really help with this low hp anyway
00:23:18Wormik if they decide to focus im dead so or so
00:23:34aRkker hood helps you prevent 30% from the damage
00:23:37aRkker or is it 25
00:23:40valiante 30
00:23:41Wormik 30
00:23:44Herre -ma
00:23:57valiante u did dagon?
00:23:58Shades -ms
00:24:08Wormik lots of papers
00:24:09aRkker oh dear lord..
00:24:12valiante just end it
00:25:06Herre go midd
00:25:07Herre xDDDDDDDDD
00:25:13Planktoni take side towers?
00:25:18Herre y
00:26:06valiante B
00:26:08valiante FFS
00:26:11valiante WHY DO U GO OUT THERE
00:26:30Shades omg.
00:26:36Herre just get out of there
00:26:40Herre use ur flyskill
00:26:42Shades y
00:27:02Herre pushime towers
00:27:04aRkker I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:27:07Planktoni go mid
00:27:13valiante come back to base
00:27:15valiante and def in base
00:27:33Herre gj
00:27:45Herre get that
00:27:50AdemC gogog
00:27:56AdemC storm
00:28:11Shades giuys??
00:28:13Herre :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:28:18Shades mid
00:28:20Shades def
00:28:23Herre PLZ
00:28:28valiante no tp on rylai
00:28:46valiante go hlelp them instead
00:28:47Wormik oom
00:28:50Shades b
00:29:05Herre PUSH BOTTOM
00:29:10valiante def in base
00:29:14valiante we just need to turtle this
00:29:40trujaxe to late?
00:29:42valiante y
00:29:53aRkker I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:55aRkker I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:06Shades n
00:31:06Shades n
00:31:06Shades n
00:31:07Shades b
00:31:19valiante get survivability guys
00:31:22valiante meka
00:31:23valiante hood
00:31:26valiante force staff
00:32:02trujaxe linken :P
00:32:07valiante b
00:32:19AdemC kill one fast
00:32:25AdemC tinker?
00:32:26valiante ye
00:32:50WANKmaster i had überlag there ... :D
00:32:50Shades dont attack without me guys
00:32:53Shades -clear
00:32:54Planktoni y
00:32:57Planktoni goddamn wr
00:33:41Shades def
00:33:49valiante b
00:33:52aRkker _tower_
00:33:56aRkker ok then not
00:34:00aRkker chase for hte kills and die, why not
00:34:05valiante ^^
00:34:15trujaxe just tried to turn them to sheep and go b
00:34:28trujaxe ofc bane just came with ult
00:34:44trujaxe arkker?
00:35:26Herre wait for the wards
00:35:57Shades i make bbkb
00:37:21Herre 'push mid
00:39:19Herre srsly
00:39:20Herre get
00:39:22Herre rax
00:39:34Planktoni yep
00:39:41Planktoni not hunt them
00:39:45Herre GET THE RAX
00:39:46Herre PUSH
00:39:47WANKmaster yeah
00:39:50WANKmaster get raxes
00:39:51Shades ok guys
00:39:53WANKmaster dont hunt
00:39:53Shades the plan is
00:39:56Shades i go in and make ulti
00:40:00Shades u focus rax
00:40:01Shades ok?
00:40:01Herre just gather
00:40:03Herre and get the ra
00:40:05Herre x
00:40:22Planktoni -apm
00:40:30WANKmaster wait all mid
00:40:37valiante dont give entry now
00:40:39trujaxe go turtle
00:40:51valiante we got best late
00:40:59Wormik no tp
00:41:01trujaxe why 0 bkb?
00:41:03aRkker ofcourse...
00:41:31Shades OGOGOGGOGGG
00:41:38valiante GUYS
00:41:39Herre GET B
00:41:42valiante if u dont give backup
00:41:43valiante we loose
00:41:45Herre wait the wards
00:41:47Herre plz?
00:41:51AdemC gheal
00:41:52Herre now
00:42:00Planktoni rax
00:42:22valiante wormik
00:42:23valiante wtf
00:43:37aRkker just ff pleeaaseeeee
00:43:42WANKmaster oh im alone
00:44:19Planktoni get dusts
00:44:28Shades FUCK
00:44:43Herre srsly
00:44:46WANKmaster go top with 5
00:44:47WANKmaster now
00:44:49Herre we could have won this 15minutes earlier
00:44:50Planktoni yes
00:44:56Shades y..
00:45:07Herre go bottom
00:45:29Herre ...
00:45:29Shades all push down
00:45:36aRkker ..
00:45:37aRkker ..
00:45:38WANKmaster gogo
00:45:39WANKmaster bottom
00:45:40WANKmaster now
00:45:52Herre -apm
00:46:47AdemC b
00:46:47AdemC b
00:46:48AdemC b
00:47:13Shades shit bad
00:47:21Shades focus kill
00:47:45valiante ?
00:47:46valiante arkker
00:47:51aRkker yeah?
00:47:51valiante if thats not a suicide
00:47:53valiante i dont know what is
00:48:13trujaxe I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:41Shades keep push
00:48:41Herre PUSH MID
00:48:48Herre get mid
00:50:02Herre howbout
00:50:21Planktoni yes that would be nice
00:50:28Herre great suiciding
00:50:37AdemC let me
00:50:41AdemC storm
00:50:44valiante storm
00:50:48Herre so
00:50:49Herre push mid
00:50:50Herre now
00:50:58Shades all mid
00:51:01Shades finish
00:51:10trujaxe they going rosh?
00:51:16Herre having great farm without mana?
00:51:44valiante b
00:51:45valiante def in mid
00:52:39valiante gg
00:52:39Shades gg
00:52:41aRkker BG*
00:52:45Shades haha
00:52:48valiante I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:52:49Herre haha
00:52:54AdemC team of feeders
00:52:57Shades [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:52:57Shades [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:52:57Shades [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:52:57Shades [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:52:57AdemC I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
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