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-31 X
-3 TS

94% | 1346 X | 1639 TS

-39 X
-3 TS

89% | 1384 X | 1515 TS

-50 X
-3 TS

73% | 1277 X | 1390 TS

-33 X
-3 TS

65% | 1199 X | 1409 TS

-7 X
-2 TS

52% | 1068 X | 1328 TS

+17 X
+6 TS

92% | 1476 X | 1477 TS

+52 X
+8 TS

81% | 1271 X | 1448 TS

+54 X
+5 TS

68% | 1264 X | 1378 TS

+8 X
+4 TS

75% | 1204 X | 1429 TS

+44 X
+3 TS

70% | 1194 X | 1398 TS

Chat log

00:00:17ricke zebbeLITEN!
00:00:19Knaitti -clear
00:00:19ricke -clear
00:00:19Knaitti ban es ty
00:00:19Dara ban pugna/es imo
00:00:19Keimo ban magina
00:00:19ricke P1G N1GG4H
00:00:19Dara MEEPO
00:00:19Sepetos -enigma
00:00:21Dara get es?
00:00:23chodaboy AM ENIGMA BANNED
00:00:24Knaitti get es
00:00:26Knaitti get es
00:00:26ricke AM & ENIGMA - BANNED!
00:00:27Knaitti get es
00:00:34Sepetos take es for knaitti
00:00:34Dara anyone wants something?
00:00:49chodaboy ok
00:00:50Keimo bounty hunter countered with gem
00:00:51chodaboy knaitii
00:00:53zebbelito ill carry
00:00:59Dara hmm
00:00:59Keimo we shall need one
00:01:00chodaboy maybe rhasta for me
00:01:04Dara undying?
00:01:06Knaitti or ricke want to play es?
00:01:08chodaboy knaitti
00:01:09Knaitti or me?
00:01:09ricke no
00:01:11chodaboy i want rhasta
00:01:11Keimo aoe
00:01:12Knaitti ok ill play
00:01:14ricke u can take it knaiit
00:01:14Knaitti k
00:01:23Keimo ud u wanna mid?
00:01:25Sepetos pick rhasta
00:01:27chodaboy or maybe
00:01:29Dara not really:P
00:01:30chodaboy OK
00:01:31zebbelito -ma
00:01:31Sepetos then there is not many disables
00:01:32ricke MAGNUS LAST1
00:01:33chodaboy knaitii
00:01:33ricke MAGNUS
00:01:34ricke MAGNUS
00:01:34Sepetos pitlord or magnus moar
00:01:35ricke MAGNUS
00:01:35Dara get lich
00:01:37ricke MAGNUS
00:01:37Dara for me
00:01:37Keimo well u might need to
00:01:39Sepetos and gg they have no disable
00:01:39ricke MAGNUS
00:01:40ricke ,AGNUS
00:01:40Knaitti toi otti sulle tuon
00:01:42ricke MAGNUS
00:01:43ricke ,AGNUS
00:01:44zebbelito varför
00:01:45ricke MANUGS
00:01:45Dara and uhm
00:01:45Dara sk
00:01:48Dara get lich
00:01:50zebbelito -hhn
00:01:50ricke MAGNUS
00:01:52ricke MAGNUS
00:01:53ricke MAGNUS
00:01:57Keimo voi vitun pellet
00:01:59chodaboy magnus
00:02:04chodaboy magnus for me
00:02:05Knaitti -swap 2
00:02:05zebbelito hästi
00:02:06chodaboy -swap 5
00:02:07zebbelito pederasti
00:02:11Keimo ud mid
00:02:14Keimo sk slark bot
00:02:17Sepetos chick
00:02:21zebbelito -ma
00:02:26chodaboy me and kunkka bot
00:02:28chodaboy es rhasta top
00:02:29chodaboy -hhn
00:02:29chodaboy -di
00:02:33zebbelito u and me should go vs bh
00:02:37zebbelito he will be bot
00:02:40zebbelito or mid
00:02:42Strom shit, forgot chicken
00:02:42Keimo strom chick?
00:02:44zebbelito should we doubble mid?
00:02:45Keimo no shit
00:02:48Sepetos share
00:02:51ricke i go BoT x3, its imba.. can teleport all the time
00:02:51Keimo no
00:02:54Keimo ud can handle easy
00:03:01Keimo u need bkb
00:03:06Keimo ud make pipe
00:03:30Keimo also need ac
00:03:34Keimo ill get shiva
00:03:50Knaitti ss
00:05:20Dara miss mid
00:06:36Dara someone use that courier
00:06:55Dara strom go use the courier...
00:07:03Dara losing mid because of it...
00:07:15Strom ok
00:08:11Sepetos basic 1hp
00:08:34ulikiluu ss pugna
00:08:37ulikiluu re
00:09:03Dara miss mid
00:09:15zebbelito omfg
00:09:45Keimo omw
00:09:50Knaitti ss
00:10:00ricke pugna bot
00:10:26Sepetos get flying
00:10:26Sepetos ok
00:10:36Sepetos no then
00:11:24Keimo wheres chik
00:11:28Keimo nvm
00:11:35Dara wait
00:11:37Dara take wards
00:11:38ricke wards pls
00:11:47Sepetos flyinh
00:11:50Keimo toprune taken
00:11:57ricke rhasta
00:12:03ricke did u came bot to farm?!?!?!?!?!??!?!
00:12:08ulikiluu y ofc
00:12:10ulikiluu carry rhasta
00:12:47chodaboy gank mort
00:12:51Sepetos y
00:13:10Sepetos im ready
00:13:17ricke wheres wards
00:13:19Kanki omw mid
00:13:23Sepetos flying?
00:13:40ricke sk farm..
00:13:40Knaitti 3mid
00:14:25chodaboy need rhasta
00:14:35Keimo need detection
00:14:40zebbelito y
00:14:56zebbelito go
00:14:57chodaboy kill top
00:15:05Dara miss mid
00:15:05Keimo care
00:15:06Keimo moar
00:15:18Strom msi bot
00:15:23Kanki "go"
00:15:34Sepetos take ward out
00:15:41Dara wait
00:15:42Sepetos nm
00:15:46Sepetos ill go farm mid sec
00:15:51ricke TP BOT
00:15:52ricke 2 HERE
00:15:52Sepetos no mana
00:16:13Strom mis bot
00:16:28chodaboy gank mort
00:16:43chodaboy rhasta
00:16:47chodaboy es
00:16:47Keimo push
00:17:11chodaboy push tower
00:18:21Dara which boots?
00:18:24Dara phase?
00:19:16Sepetos ill take that
00:19:25Keimo top rune
00:20:36chodaboy need to gank mort
00:20:47chodaboy he got bkb soon
00:21:09chodaboy let me for dagger
00:21:15Sepetos slark
00:21:24zebbelito omw
00:21:58zebbelito dust
00:22:16chodaboy got dagger
00:22:19zebbelito ffs dust
00:22:23Keimo once we get pipe ill buy gem
00:22:25Keimo for ud
00:22:29chodaboy lets go kill
00:22:32chodaboy and push
00:22:43Dara let me
00:22:52chodaboy all towers
00:22:53Sepetos y
00:22:53chodaboy easy
00:23:11zebbelito -ma
00:23:13Kanki tuol oli
00:23:15zebbelito y
00:23:17zebbelito all
00:23:31zebbelito deff?
00:23:40zebbelito fught?
00:23:43Keimo y
00:24:22chodaboy ff
00:24:33chodaboy its over
00:24:35Knaitti 2 dude 1hp left
00:24:38Sepetos over? :D
00:24:42Sepetos they have no chance in this game dude
00:24:43chodaboy y
00:24:43Sepetos :D
00:24:47Keimo gj
00:24:48chodaboy dude
00:24:52Dara pipe in a sec
00:24:52chodaboy check morrt
00:24:54chodaboy and sk
00:24:59chodaboy compare to u
00:25:00Sepetos and?
00:25:07Keimo take gem with pipe
00:25:12chodaboy we cant even synk ulties
00:25:18Sepetos its ur fault
00:25:22chodaboy me?
00:25:23chodaboy ok
00:25:26chodaboy i jumped
00:25:27Keimo blink magna
00:25:35chodaboy and u run into forest?
00:25:36Sepetos not that we lost the fight cause sk got 450 crit on me just b4 i had invis
00:25:47ricke WE NEED WARDS
00:25:48ricke rhasta
00:25:54chodaboy kill totem
00:26:34ricke UD have gem
00:26:38Sepetos where is he
00:26:41ricke mid
00:26:42zebbelito omfg
00:26:44zebbelito my tp
00:26:46Knaitti 3up
00:26:46zebbelito canseled
00:26:49chodaboy es
00:26:50Sepetos come take toptower
00:26:51chodaboy wake the fuck up
00:26:53chodaboy get that dagger
00:26:58Knaitti trying?
00:27:00Keimo farm
00:27:02Knaitti all the time
00:27:02zebbelito cant
00:27:06ricke jump BEFORE they put ward up etc
00:27:59ricke can we ATLEAST try to do a combo.....................................?
00:28:06ricke es and magnus TOGETHER
00:28:09ricke not 1 by1
00:28:11chodaboy es no dagger
00:28:11chodaboy ff
00:28:20ricke i was way to far... had no time to do boat
00:28:21Knaitti chodaboy on our team ff
00:28:22Dara what next?
00:28:25Dara phase/manaboots?
00:28:42Dara mort
00:28:44Strom imo you should do shiva
00:28:47Dara take dusts
00:28:50zebbelito y'
00:28:51zebbelito ty
00:29:02Sepetos tower
00:29:04Dara dont really need:P
00:29:16Strom don't need shiva?
00:29:20Strom well you need some sort of armor
00:29:22Keimo ud shive is imba
00:29:24Strom you have 0 after track
00:29:24Keimo shiva
00:29:27chodaboy all got ulties?
00:29:31Knaitti not yet
00:29:32ricke es, START the fight
00:29:33zebbelito tp
00:29:35chodaboy es u start
00:29:35Dara meant dusts:P
00:29:47Sepetos es doesnt need to start fight
00:29:50Keimo wait for me
00:29:54Sepetos b
00:30:06Sepetos tomb goes down go b
00:30:17Keimo tower
00:30:47chodaboy its over
00:30:49Sepetos no flying yet?
00:30:50chodaboy ff at 30
00:30:55Sepetos choda u can quit
00:31:11chodaboy -ma
00:31:14ricke can we TRY to go TOGETHER AND DO COMBO
00:31:16ricke togehter
00:31:18ricke WAIT NOT
00:31:21ricke WAIT
00:31:45ricke as I said
00:31:58Kanki rosh soon?
00:31:59Sepetos es had good spot
00:32:02Dara under meatwagon is gem
00:32:05ricke and i wasnt there
00:32:05Dara or not
00:32:06ricke we need ALL
00:32:07ricke not 4
00:32:08ricke ALL
00:32:09Knaitti why wasnt
00:32:13ricke and the fucking moron jsut jump
00:32:16Sepetos we need that wont be so unlucky
00:32:20Sepetos like i just got blocked
00:32:28ricke we need ALL
00:32:30ricke not 4
00:32:31Knaitti why kunkka wasnt there
00:32:36ricke i was bot with cd on tp
00:32:39Knaitti when we was idleing in bade like 10min
00:32:39ricke and the moron j ust go
00:32:43zebbelito shopuld i to ac`?
00:32:44ricke io was bot
00:32:44Sepetos go top tower
00:32:46Sepetos and plant wards
00:32:47ricke with cd on tp
00:32:47Keimo y
00:32:48ricke as i said
00:32:48Sepetos and get flying chick
00:32:50Sepetos rhasrta
00:32:51ricke and u cant read
00:32:53zebbelito do*
00:32:53Sepetos ur our
00:32:57Dara or just pure dmg and someone else makes ac?
00:32:58Kanki rosh?
00:32:59Sepetos support
00:33:04Dara for higher dmg
00:33:04zebbelito to late
00:33:24ricke kunka have to buy flying
00:33:27Dara go for rosh
00:33:29ricke 2 morons in team, ofc we loose
00:33:32Dara no ultis for es or magnus
00:33:37chodaboy we all die like papers
00:33:38ulikiluu y mr "i wont buy single ward in this game"-lion
00:33:42Keimo ah no gem?
00:33:44zebbelito aura pls
00:33:55ricke i did support anyway.. since I had most A of all
00:33:56Dara use dust just before rosh dies
00:34:17chodaboy I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:21Keimo go
00:34:27Keimo let it die
00:34:29zebbelito ok
00:34:30zebbelito bot
00:34:40ricke this time, go when ALL is in fight
00:34:44ricke not 4, FIVE!!!
00:34:54zebbelito ill go behind
00:35:02zebbelito initiate
00:35:11ricke es?!?!?!
00:35:16Knaitti so iblubnjk on e=
00:35:44ricke AHAHAHAHHA
00:35:48ricke now u didnt go
00:35:51ricke jeees
00:35:52Knaitti well ther was ud
00:35:53Knaitti bite
00:35:54Dara b
00:35:55Knaitti to get my ulti
00:35:58Knaitti why should i go on him only
00:36:05ricke there ws 3
00:36:07ricke its enough
00:36:09Knaitti there wad ud
00:36:11Knaitti and skeleking was coming
00:36:12ricke sk
00:36:14ricke was tehre
00:36:21Knaitti then came tomb when sk get ther
00:36:23Keimo hmm?
00:36:24Knaitti and couldbt blink
00:36:25Knaitti so
00:36:25Strom why is our chicken there
00:36:26Knaitti fuck off
00:36:31ricke jump before
00:36:36Knaitti ok
00:36:39Knaitti i jump next time only for ud
00:36:41Knaitti kk
00:36:43Knaitti and ur happy
00:37:37Keimo mort got room for gem?
00:37:44zebbelito sure
00:38:05Keimo chick coming to u
00:38:07zebbelito ok
00:38:27chodaboy all
00:38:33zebbelito ok
00:38:34zebbelito got it
00:38:35Sepetos they have gem?
00:38:46ricke ud dont have any gem
00:39:00ricke PA have gem
00:39:07Sepetos ok kill him fast
00:39:25chodaboy ES?
00:39:25Sepetos no bkb mort
00:39:35chodaboy ES
00:39:41ricke hahahahaha
00:39:43ricke what a guy
00:39:45Keimo wait for ward
00:40:19Knaitti u want so much me to get only on one dude
00:40:19Keimo mort dont chase
00:40:19Keimo asd
00:40:22Keimo u got gem
00:40:33Keimo we need u to spot, not chase from base :D
00:40:34ricke no u jump on m1
00:40:37ricke on 1
00:40:39chodaboy just ff
00:40:41zebbelito sry
00:40:42Knaitti yes
00:40:44Knaitti cos u wanted
00:40:45Knaitti me to go on 1
00:40:46Knaitti only
00:40:49Knaitti i will go then
00:40:50ricke not on 1 guy
00:40:55Dara im b
00:40:56chodaboy u suck es
00:41:01chodaboy could have jumped 5 times
00:41:02Knaitti well last time i should go on one only
00:41:23Keimo dont u lose that gem
00:41:32Kanki voiks syt tehä baseherin kanssa
00:41:33Keimo def
00:41:37Sepetos push
00:41:37Keimo voi
00:41:38zebbelito buy me branCH
00:41:39zebbelito for
00:41:41zebbelito ac
00:41:44chodaboy no ulti yet
00:42:04chodaboy got ulti now
00:42:12Keimo case
00:42:13Keimo care
00:42:14Keimo no ward
00:42:20Keimo pipe
00:42:48Keimo ill handle
00:43:18Keimo lets push
00:43:21zebbelito y
00:43:24zebbelito whit 5
00:43:25zebbelito pls
00:43:30Keimo mid all
00:44:21Knaitti well that was smart to go
00:44:23Sepetos dunno how u fight?
00:44:30Knaitti how was that ONLY GO 5
00:44:35chodaboy i have no ulti
00:44:39Knaitti me neither
00:44:49ricke knaitti, dont even say anything... uve the one who lost this
00:44:55Sepetos choda was bad
00:44:55Dara bot?
00:44:55ricke u cant even jump and press ulti
00:44:55Knaitti lol
00:44:57chodaboy mort onehits
00:44:59chodaboy sepetos
00:45:01chodaboy stfu
00:45:01Knaitti we was lost when get choda
00:45:02chodaboy pls
00:45:02Dara or top
00:45:10ricke no, when we got u. its lost
00:45:13ricke u always lost
00:45:15Knaitti lol
00:45:20Knaitti says megaoverrated ricke
00:45:23ricke u are worse then ATS
00:45:36ricke u are overrated, u should have 22% or something
00:46:16ricke how is it even possible to feed PA with rhasta+ES lane
00:46:17ricke dont get it
00:46:23chodaboy es sucks
00:46:29Knaitti choda sucks
00:46:36ulikiluu we didnt feed him and there was pugna too
00:46:43chodaboy u shouldnt even be able to play here
00:46:44ricke knaitti, u dont deserve silver game.
00:46:47ricke thats for sure
00:46:51Knaitti u dont deserve gc
00:46:55chodaboy lol
00:46:59chodaboy haha
00:47:02chodaboy ur so fucking bad
00:47:05chodaboy allways lost with u
00:47:06Knaitti LOL
00:47:12Knaitti oh caps
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