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Chat log

00:00:05jakkihirki rikka mumble?
00:00:07infect grr
00:00:18Chuck bat
00:00:18jakkihirki banni vaikka bone?
00:00:18Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:18Affliction -ii
00:00:18infect quite retarded carry pool
00:00:18Affliction tuskar
00:00:18infect we need super dps to pwn biggie
00:00:18Nxtra dont ban yet
00:00:18Nxtra zebbe is afk
00:00:18Nxtra <P
00:00:18Nxtra wait a min or two
00:00:18creeeeeee imo morph pan
00:00:18Chuck already did
00:00:18Dara chuck millä aiot pelaa?
00:00:18jakkihirki mieshestä ei kuulu
00:00:18Chuck emt
00:00:18Chuck wr/clock/mopo/tiny
00:00:18Chuck / sniper
00:00:18Chuck / lanaya
00:00:18Biggie k
00:00:18infect mopo
00:00:18infect from there
00:00:18infect imo
00:00:18Nxtra Chuck take mid
00:00:18Biggie turkarr
00:00:18Nxtra let me and zebb lane
00:00:18jakkihirki tuuks huutelee
00:00:18infect bat tuskar banned
00:00:33jakkihirki mitäs meinasit?
00:00:41Dara zebbe back?
00:00:44zebbelito yeah
00:00:45Nxtra Y
00:00:52zebbelito my tiny
00:00:53zebbelito pk,fg
00:00:54zebbelito sdgagDGA
00:00:59Dara im going warlock probably
00:01:08Chuck get str cdarry mby
00:01:11Chuck nvm
00:01:17Nxtra me zebb bot
00:01:19zebbelito MY FREKIN TINY
00:01:29Biggie wl + dk
00:01:34Biggie or wl +necro
00:01:38Dara hmm
00:01:43Dara wisp warlock vai rhasta
00:01:46Affliction i take WL or rhasta
00:01:49Biggie rhasta
00:01:51Biggie is good
00:02:21zebbelito -ma
00:03:00Dara share?
00:03:01Chuck lets see what rikkas tiny is made of :P
00:03:26infect btw, who's gosukurdi
00:03:28infect bimbam?
00:03:31Nxtra ye
00:03:49infect do they play in some good team?
00:03:54infect cause puppey does
00:04:19Chuck bimbam seppo
00:04:21Chuck rikka none
00:04:47infect harash rhazta if he does
00:04:49infect harash us
00:05:19Chuck rune bot
00:05:19Chuck take
00:05:25Dara use rockets to sniper?
00:05:25Chuck or tiny gets haste or something and kills
00:05:57Chuck tiny miss
00:05:58Chuck re
00:06:14infect stole one
00:06:21Dara use it to sniper
00:06:22Dara ffs
00:06:28infect let me lasthit
00:06:30infect then i will
00:06:45Biggie miss mid
00:07:56Chuck tiny miss
00:08:12Chuck TINYMISS CARE
00:08:51Biggie miss mid
00:08:52Biggie inv
00:08:53Biggie wr
00:09:09Biggie care bot
00:09:23Chuck TINY
00:09:24Chuck INC
00:09:24Chuck TOP
00:09:25Chuck B
00:09:33Dara vittu tää infect ei käytä raketteja ikinä'
00:09:37infect MANA
00:09:39infect U RETARD
00:09:45Dara fucking moron
00:09:47infect and if you speak english again
00:09:49infect finnish*
00:09:49Chuck TINY RE
00:09:53infect i will requst u
00:10:03Norrebro ss
00:10:18infect and spämming lvl 1 rocket isnt useful
00:10:32Biggie mid miss
00:10:39Chuck MISS MID
00:11:07Affliction rune bot
00:11:17Biggie misds mid
00:11:38infect tiny
00:11:39infect inc
00:11:39jakkihirki push tower
00:11:41jakkihirki with wards
00:12:11Chuck im inc top
00:12:23Biggie missm id
00:12:52Chuck nice plan to go die just before i come
00:12:54Affliction necro make meka
00:12:57Dara morph hows
00:12:59Dara ur farm
00:13:01Dara well infect...
00:13:02Affliction we could end fast
00:13:05infect well what
00:13:09infect i tried to deny twr
00:13:11infect that's it
00:13:15Norrebro i got 0 farm
00:13:25Affliction otw
00:13:27Affliction midt
00:13:29Affliction for twr
00:13:37zebbelito miss 2
00:13:38zebbelito care mis
00:13:40Affliction sniper me and tiny eat twrs
00:14:21Chuck 3 mid
00:14:57Affliction :/
00:15:00Nxtra oom
00:15:23Chuck =)
00:15:38Chuck go clockwerk farm
00:15:42Chuck u are useful
00:15:45infect y
00:15:49infect thx
00:15:55Nxtra stupid cunt warlock
00:16:02Dara dude its infect
00:16:09infect i am not warlock
00:16:57Chuck vaihteeks niin vitun hyvää läppää tää
00:17:11jakkihirki do tell
00:17:29Chuck -ms
00:17:37infect invi
00:17:38infect tiny
00:18:06creeeeeee :(
00:18:24infect ss invi tiny
00:18:41Nxtra GOGO
00:18:42jakkihirki b
00:19:01Dara get mid tower
00:19:14Nxtra B
00:19:33infect dagger tiny
00:19:39jakkihirki b
00:19:40jakkihirki rhasta
00:20:35Norrebro IM OOM
00:20:39Norrebro brbr
00:21:13Chuck me
00:21:24Nxtra wr__
00:21:28Chuck ...
00:21:32Nxtra gg lol
00:22:06Nxtra ill tp bot
00:22:42Biggie go
00:22:55Nxtra tiny 1shots me
00:23:02Chuck use morph?
00:23:04Chuck have u skilled it
00:23:14Nxtra nop
00:23:17Chuck i
00:23:23Chuck then start watching asian replays
00:23:27Nxtra y
00:23:30Nxtra serious gc gaming
00:23:31Biggie omw
00:23:34Nxtra you watched aian replays?
00:23:34Chuck y
00:23:36Nxtra wr is 35-0 there
00:23:44Chuck havent seen wr that much
00:23:53Nxtra then watch african replays
00:23:54Nxtra nub
00:24:20Chuck but y wr is there 35-0 :P
00:24:30Nxtra ff
00:24:30Nxtra gg
00:24:37Nxtra ill try get a dagon as soon as i can
00:24:42Nxtra so we have a cahnce
00:25:15zebbelito AJA GG
00:25:29zebbelito sniper roaming around np
00:25:29Affliction have wards
00:27:25creeeeeee i love this lock
00:27:34creeeeeee have killed 3 infernals already
00:28:53Affliction reuse
00:28:56Biggie all def top
00:29:54infect why hang around in your own forest ?
00:30:28creeeeeee 4 infs
00:30:29creeeeeee :D
00:30:41Dara infect are you serious?
00:30:49infect y
00:30:55infect our morf doesnt carry tp
00:30:56infect so
00:31:05Dara when our team was top you decide to go their forest
00:31:08Dara brilliant idea
00:31:09Nxtra i did tp
00:31:10Nxtra he stunned me
00:31:11infect i was afk
00:31:12Nxtra when i tped
00:31:17Nxtra and you will get banned for saying that infect
00:31:18infect was getting food
00:31:21infect i wont
00:31:23creeeeeee 150 and got bkb too
00:31:32infect didnt say anything dirty
00:31:35infect so yeah
00:31:53Nxtra you knew i was stuck, so did they
00:32:01Nxtra they dint know that tiny stunned me when i tped
00:32:03Nxtra so i got stuck
00:32:04Chuck infect goes pro
00:32:04Nxtra = game ruin
00:32:21infect well, they already knew
00:32:25infect so you can stfu
00:32:25Nxtra nah
00:32:27Chuck u goes pro
00:32:27Nxtra tiny dint know
00:32:29Nxtra he stunned me
00:32:31Nxtra cuz it was fog
00:32:38infect there wasnt
00:32:41infect u can check replay
00:32:44infect after game
00:32:45Chuck why cant morphilng just FARM
00:32:47infect if u are so bored
00:32:47Chuck GO BOTTOM AND FARM
00:32:57infect cause this morf isnt the best one out there
00:33:05Dara you should zip it tbh
00:33:09infect dara
00:33:11infect perhaps
00:33:13infect but i wont
00:33:26infect that's why playing dota is so much fun here
00:33:31infect flaming is part of the expierence
00:33:32Dara ruining games?
00:33:37Dara you enjoy it=?
00:33:39infect havent ruined anything
00:33:41Chuck wheres wards
00:33:43infect pickiung carry
00:33:44Biggie bot tower go
00:33:45infect and failing
00:33:47infect is gameruin
00:33:51Biggie change of plans
00:33:55infect cause the game is build on him
00:34:00Dara nah
00:34:10infect yeah it is
00:34:14Biggie rosh go
00:34:18infect carry means carry btw
00:34:36jakkihirki no hex
00:34:50Biggie sniper takes
00:34:56Chuck lol
00:35:24Biggie mid
00:35:27Biggie push
00:36:02Norrebro inc with mekka
00:36:15Biggie b
00:38:45zebbelito gg bestest game
00:38:48zebbelito I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:58Norrebro wp biggie
00:39:45zebbelito f-f
00:40:17Chuck 2. and 3. pick loses to 5. and 4. pick as rape at down lane thats really something :)
00:40:41Nxtra atleast you got a planswalkers cloak chuck
00:40:42Nxtra mr pro
00:40:46Chuck ok
00:40:50Dara i wonder if anyone really can lane with infect since he is so bad...
00:41:00Chuck i talked about bototm lane not top
00:41:00infect and yet dara
00:41:08infect i am ranked as high as u
00:41:08Dara sup?
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