Silver league, here I come baby!

Dec 01, 2010 - by Strom

The new system has been up and running for almost a week now. The launch went better than I expected, far fewer bugs than I anticipated. During this week there have been many new features added, including a player list that lets you see just how much you rock. For the balancers out there, I bring good news. You should now automatically be able to sign up for a new game immediately after you balance. Not getting into the same team with your friends? I fixed a critical bug on Tuesday, so now you should be in the same team far more often.

Tired of the bronze league? Now is your chance to start dominating the silver league!
We are going to keep things simple for now. Want in? Get ranked higher than 50% of the players in DotA-GC.
How exactly does it work though? When you add to the waiting list, then near the game mode selection you also get to select whether you want to add only to the silver league or both bronze and silver. If you add to both then whichever league gets enough players first will start the game.

A little taste of the future, during the next week I plan on finally implementing the basic IRC commands.

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